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Flag Messages for Follow Up

FocalScope helps you remember your pending items by allowing you to flag messages and set reminders to remind you of messages that require follow up actions.


Right-click the message you wish to flag and select [Follow Up...].


The "Follow Up" dialog will appear, select the purpose for flagging this message in the [Flag to:] field and a color (in the [Flag color:] field) for the icon & text of the message headline.


Set a reminder in the [Due by:] field. A screen pop up will appear on the appointed date and time, as specified in this field. If the ticket can be closed, but you still want a reminder on it, to pop up (perhaps to follow up with the client if all went well), tick the [Completed] flag.

Click [Ok] when done.

Flagged messages will be marked with a flag icon and the color of the headline text will be changed as specified in the [Flag color:] field. Hover your mouse pointer over the flag icon to view the details you entered in he previous 2 steps.


A tick icon will appear, as shown above, for messaged marked as completed.

Popup reminders appear on the date and time you configured during the flagging process.

  1. You may select the item and then choose [Open Item] to view the original message.
  2. Click on [Dismiss] to stop the further popup messages for the selected reminder.
  3. If you wish to be reminded again, at a later time, of the same reminder, select the amount of time to wait from the dropdown list and then click on [Snooze] to save your selection.

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