FocalScope for E-commerce and Retail

Turn one-time shoppers to lifetime customers

Customer relationships are built on meaningful interactions. With FocalScope, you can deliver consistent, seamless customer experiences on every channel.

From conversation to conversion

Meet shoppers where they spend time most

As conversational commerce becomes more mainstream, people are increasingly embracing shopping via live chat and social media messaging apps. A recent Facebook survey found that 35% of shoppers message businesses because they want instant responses, and another 33% do it because it’s just so convenient.

Whether it is to get product information, shipping times, recommendations, or simply because they prefer it, what’s clear is that businesses need to open up more channels in order to capture these shoppers. 

Leverage FocalScope to be there for customers on email, voice, live chat, Facebook or WhatsApp, so they can get back to shopping, stat.

Remarkable customer experience for all

Make every customer feel like a VIP

Building trust requires a more personal touch. Within the interface side panel, FocalScope’s unified customer card brings together every prior interaction with a shopper across all channels, and internal notes left on each of them. It also displays vital details like purchase history, payment methods, and order statuses for easy reference.

Agents can also pin shoppers’ preferences, or any other helpful information on the card. With the full context, it’s easy for every agent to make customers feel like your brand truly knows them, and have every interaction matter.

Multibrand support in one place

Support multiple brands across locations with ease

Coordinating customer service for various brands across different office locations may be daunting. With FocalScope, businesses can connect agents working from anywhere seamlessly, and equip them with the unified tools and channels needed to do their best.

FocalScope also comes with location-agnostic intelligent routing and queues that enables global teams to maximise their potential, and eliminate work silos. Configurable SLA policies help to keep agents on track, and maintain high quality across the board.

With built-in live dashboards and rich reporting capabilities, businesses can get enhanced visibility over operations and leverage data to make exact adjustments whenever needed.

FocalScope knowledge base and chatbots

“Man” your virtual shopfront 24/7

While brick-and-mortar shops have designated operating hours, online shops do not. Shoppers come from anywhere in the world, across time zones, and when they arrive at your website, you should be there to greet them, and provide any support they need.

Staff your online store round the clock with FocalScope chatbots. They can share promotions, prompt shoppers to check out their carts, answer FAQs and more. For more complex tasks, chatbots can transfer the session to the right agent.

With FocalScope’s self-help knowledge base, you can create and manage support articles within the interface. Provide quick answers for customers to browse at their own pace, wherever they are.

E-commerce and CRM integrations

Connect existing tools with FocalScope

Leverage FocalScope’s integrations with any existing tools you already use, such as e-commerce platforms Shopify and Magento, or CRMs like Salesforce and SugarCRM.

With these integrations, you can sync contact lists, extract customer details as well as as order, payment, delivery statuses, and more. All information is conveniently displayed in FocalScope’s customer card sidebar, allowing agents to get information lightning-fast, and boost handling times.

A unified hub for retail customer service

Give your shoppers a remarkable customer experience across every channel.

Email ticketing

Handle millions of emails accurately and efficiently every day.


Flexible and scalable telephony system for big and small businesses.

Live chat and bots

Interact with website visitors in real time and boost conversion.

Social media

Message customers via SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook.

Knowledge base

Help customers help themselves with FAQs and support articles.

See how it all comes together

Convert one-time buyers to lifetime customers with FocalScope.