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Integrate Jabber with FocalScope

Openfire is the background service enabling the delivery of messages from one user to another in FocalScope's Jabber chat client. To minimize administration overhead by having to separately create users & groups in Opefire's console, we will integrate Openfire with FocalScope. Doing so will allow all our administration work for creating users & groups, for Jabber and keeping them in synchronization, to be done as a once off process in FocalScope.

Download the latest version of Openfire for Windows from (on the page choose a link with Java included).

Note: On Windows 2008 it's required to run Openfire with elevated privileges (using [Run as Administrator] command).

After downloading the Openfire installer, proceed to install the software as per the vendor's instructions.


In the Openfire window, click the [Launch Admin] button once it is enabled. The Openfire '1st time configuration wizard' will then start in a web browser window. Follow prompts of the wizard and click [Continue] to move from screen to screen.

On the "Server Settings" screen of the wizard it's enter "localhost" as the domain, if your domain has a different name during this step, please change it to "localhost".

On the "Database Settings" screen of the wizard ensure that "Embedded database" option is selected.

Accept default values for parameters on rest of wizard pages by clicking [Continue] and on the following screen click [Skip This Step]. No username and password has to be set up for Openfire, the default username admin and default password admin will suffice for our next step.

You may now login to the Openfire console. Use username admin and password admin. Once logged in, close the browser, all configurations will be done in FocalScope NOT in the Openfire console.

Note: On some systems, Openfire may not allow you to login and gives a username or password error. If this happens to you please CLOSE the browser WITHOUT loggin in. This is an error in Openfire, but does not affect integration with FocalScope since we won't be using Openfire console for our configurations. The setup has already completed successfully when you see this final page.


Once the browser closes the Openfire service status box is still open. Please click [Quit]. We will be configuring Openfire as a windows service before we integrate it with FocalScope.

Now, in the Windows Start menu, select [Run] and enter cmd in the [Open] field. Click [Ok] to launch the command line.

Ensure you are on the correct drive where Openfire has been installed. By default, this should be the C:\ drive. Enter the following commands one-by-one into the command prompt and press the Enter key after each command to execute it:

  1. cd\
  2. cd\Program Files\Openfire\bin
  3. openfire-service /install
  4. openfire-service /start

Openfire has now successfully been installed as a windows server and started. Please proceed to the knowledge base article that covers integrating Openfire with FocalScope.

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