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How to use FocalScope URL Placeholders

Agents can save time and increase their productivity with FocalScope URL Placeholders. URL Placeholders add actionable links in any Standard / Auto Response to a customer, which the customer can use to manage their existing tickets--saving agents the time usually spent closing or reopening customer's tickets. This article details what each URL Placeholder represents as well as how they are embedded into FocalScope Standard / Auto Responses.

Please note: URL Placeholders only work when inserted into Standard Response templates (which are also used by the Auto-Responder) or Signatures. Typing any URL Placeholder into a regular email will not insert the associated information and will only confuse the intended recipient.



How to correctly add a URL Placeholder to a Standard Response

Please note: URL Placeholders can only be added when using the FocalScope Thick Client or access your FocalScope instance via Firefox, Internet Explorer 11+, or Google Chrome. 

Add a URL Placeholder to a Standard Response as follows:

  1. Create or modify a Standard Response
  2. Add the link text that will hold the URL Placeholder (tailor the message in some way to give the customer an idea of what will happen when they click the link, e.g., 'Close your support ticket')
  3. Highlight the text to contain the URL Placeholder and click the Hyperlink button (highlighted in red)
  4. Set the following parameters for the link:
    1. [Link Type] = URL
    2. [Protocol] = <other>
    3. [URL] = %URL Placeholder Name% (Where the text between the two [%] signs represents the name of the URL Placeholder you wish to use)
  5. Click [OK] to create the URL Placeholder

Figure 1 - %REMOTE CLOSE TICKET URL% URL Placeholder in action

Examples and definitions of Placeholders

URL Placeholders are useful for:

  • Allowing customers to close a support ticket on their end if they are satisfied that their query has been dealt with

The following is a detailed list of all URL Placeholders in FocalScope:

  • %REMOTE CLOSE TICKET URL% - inserts a link into the email response that the customer can click to close or temporarily close and reopen (at a scheduled date & time) their support ticket. 
  • Please note: This URL Placeholder is only available once the FocalScope Knowledge Base module has been installed
  • Please note: The URL is only valid for 7 days

Figure 2 - %REMOTE CLOSE TICKET URL% URL Placeholder in action

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