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Manage Events Calendar

Creating notifications for important dates or events is something common to most commercial e-mail systems. In focalscope you can have multiple calendars for your ticketboxes or your private folders. In this lesson we will look at how to configure events for calendars in your FocalScope system.

Create a New Event


Fist, navigate to a calendar folder in one of your ticketboxes, this is done in the Workspace screen. To create a new event entry, right click anywhere in the right pane, in the [Events] folder, then select [New]. A composition window "New Event" will appear.


In the "New Event" dialog, if you look at the shortcuts in the toolbar, they are the same tools as those in a message toolbar. With 3 additional buttons, that are specifically for managing events, as well as a color option to highlight a particular event in the calendar. Scroll down further to learn the function of each button.

Add Recurrence


Certain events may recur over a period of time, for example, a training programme that happens weekly. The [Add Recurrence] function allows you specify the timeline for that particular event and automatically marks it on your events calendar. You can specify the start and end date and the days of the weeks/months/years this event occurs.



Set reminders for yourself and participants, for a particular event, using the reminder button found in the event editor, by clicking on the [Reminder] button as indicated.


Specify the time you want the reminder to be triggered.


Next, choose the type of reminder to be triggered.


  1. item]Now, click on the dropdown field on the right to select the users to whom the reminder will be sent, to add more users type in their names in the field or open the dropdown list again and select more users. This will complete the configuration of your first reminder.
  2. To add another reminder, click on the next dropdown field [None(Click to add)]

Add Invitees


The [Invitations] function, uses the same type of alerts as the [Reminders] function. Select the method you wish to use to notify participants for this event.


  1. Now click on the dropdown field on the right to select or type in the destination of the invitation method you selected. This will complete the configuration of your first invitation.
  2. To add another invitation method, click on the next drop down field [None(Click to add)]

Highlight with Color


Differentiate different events with a different color for easy reference.

  1. Click on the [Color:] "buttonface".
  2. The color picker will appear and allows you to select your desired color to represent the event you are currently creating.


The color field will show the currently selected color once you have made your choice and your event will be highlighted accordingly.

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