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Scale With Your Business

Bring your own local or international phone numbers

FocalScope call center software is truly amazing and built to support single location setup as well as international multi location setup. Within the FocalScope system you can activate all your phone lines using sip trunk. The entire platform is built on the latest technology and within the existing FocalScope framework. The entire solution will form a virtual platform for your organization, so staff can freely move around to any office location and phone calls will follow.

IVR Menu And Phone Trees

Simple And Easy To Setup

Interactive voice response (IVR) is an important component of any call center software. It provides customers with quick route to the correct team, for example, “Thank you for calling [insert your business name]. Please press 1 for Sales, 2 for Customer Service, 3 for Other Enquiries”. With FocalScope multi-level IVR (phone trees), you can route customers to the right agent or department and provide recorded responses for frequently asked questions. It is easy to configure and you can modify the IVR menus in FocalScope. It will be instantly reflected on the phone system.

Call Queues And Ring Groups

Route Calls To Specific Ring Groups Or Queues

You can set up call flow strategies within FocalScope. You can use the round-robin queues to ensure calls are evenly distributed among the support team members and always routed to the next available agent. Also, this feature can be configured so returning customers will be directed to the agent that previously handled their inquiry. For each phone queue in FocalScope you can set maximum wait time and queue size. This puts a limit to how many incoming callers that will be kept waiting for an available agent. Any new calls that exceed the limit will be directed to second level call queue or voicemail. To give you maximum flexibility you can setup multilevel call queues in FocalScope.

Agent Pop-Up Window

Add Text Notes To Phone Conversations!

To help your staff add text notes in relation to a phone conversation, we have enabled agent pop-up window that will be activated automatically when the call connects. You can customize the pop-up window and the input fields required. The actual phone conversation can be recorded and the agent notes will be attached to the audio file. From the pop-up window agents can also link the phone conversation back to an existing ticket or even create a new ticket. We give you full visibility and traceability whether your customers connect with you via email, phone or live chat.

Callbacks From Your Website

Let FocalScope generate warm leads for you

Drive sales and get warm leads from your website. Encourage your online visitors to connect with your sales team. FocalScope automated time trigger can push a small customizable callback input form on your website. Once the visitors input their name and contact number, the callback function is activated. The current version of FocalScope supports 2 options for customer engagement. The first option is real-time. The phone system makes an instant callback to the customer and connects the call with the sales agent right away. Simultaneously, the sales rep gets presented a pop up window in FocalScope that give him the visitors trail on your website. The second option is slightly different as the system will send an email to the sales rep with information such as: customer name, phone number and website trail. The sales rep can use the information sent to contact the customer. Both options are great and will help your team to generate a constant stream of warm leads.

Talk To Your Customers!

Connect With Your Customers On A Phone Support System From FocalScope.

Call Recording

Record inbound and outbound calls for easy reference. By monitoring conversations between your agents and customers, not only can you highlight quality service performed by your staff, but you can also resolve customer complaints.

Turn Calls into Follow Up Tickets

Not all inquiries can be resolved right away on the phone. Therefore FocalScope enable agents to turn calls into a new ticket or link to an existing ticket. It gives you traceability for any customer interaction across email, live chat or phone call.

Customer and Agent Log

We keep full records of all the customer and agent interactions across email, live chat and phone calls. You can easily access the logs and filter data based on communication channel, agent and date range. Get a full 360-degree customer view.

Concurrent Calls

With one phone number you can make and receive unlimited concurrent calls to support agents working side by side. You can also add more phone numbers.

Waiting Music

While the caller is in the process of getting connected with first available agent, the phone system will play pleasant waiting music. You can change the music or upload your own.

Conference Calls

Setup easy-to-use multiple conference call services in FocalScope. Allow external parties to join the calls using in-country dial-in numbers. It is flexible and simple.

Warm Transfer

Transfer calls within FocalScope easily. Let your agents speak with the new agent before the phone line gets transferred to check availability and if the person can help.

Welcome Greetings

You can customize the welcome greeting for each of your phone numbers. You can key in as text that will then be converted to audio or you can record your own greeting.

Inbound and Outbound Calls

Bring your own phone numbers and connect them in FocalScope. Receive inbound calls from your customers and enable agents to make outbound calls.

Forward Calls To Mobile Phone

You can forward calls to external numbers including mobile phones and Skype. This gives you the flexibility to let agents handle the phone queue even outside the office.


Enable your customers to leave a voicemail that will be displayed in FocalScope as an email ticket. The email ticket will include the audio file for easy replay.


The failover function automatically connect incoming calls to a fallback number in the unlikely event of any outage, ensuring incoming calls always come through.

Designed For Global Operations
Office Hours

Configure business hours and time-zones for each of your teams to indicate your phone support opening hours. Outside business hours calls will be sent to voicemail or AOH flow.

Calls Get Forward To Agent On Duty
After Office Hours

To facilitate after office hour support for your most important customers, you can utilize FocalScope AOH feature that will forward calls to agents on standby duty.

Make Calls With A Single Click

Right from the email received by the customer, agents can use the click-to-dial to call the customer. The same feature is also available for live chat engagement.

See Availability For Each Agent
Agent Present Status

Whether it is phone support, email or live chat, agents availability status is visible for each channel. Supervisors can shift agents around for each channel to balance the workload.

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Call Center Data in Excel

Track your team’s performance in the call center using Excel

We have designed a live data connection between FocalScope call center and Microsoft Excel, so you quickly can filter and analyze your call center data. Statistics within the FocalScope call center captures leading key performance indicators for agents and customers. We have loaded the call center reporting module with a complete set of best practice reports for your easy reference. You can track average handle time (AHT), longest wait time (LWT), number of calls in the queue (CIQ), missed calls, agent performance plus more. You can also modify and customize the reports. Last but not least you can also schedule all the call center reports to be sent to your email inbox automatically.

Call Center Dashboards

Using the built-in call center dashboards in FocalScope, you get an instant and real-time insight to performance and workload. Use filters to analyze data.

Create Your Own Call Center Dashboards

We provide you with a repository of best practice dashboards for call centers. You can customize existing templates or build your own Dashboards. It is slick and flexible.

Share Call Center Results

We support sharing call center performance results with the bigger organization. Therefore you can publish dashboards to public websites. No extra cost.

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