Message customers via WhatsApp for Business integration

Leverage our new WhatsApp integration to chat with customers on the world’s most popular messaging app from within FocalScope.

April 13, 2022

With our new WhatsApp integration, you can now unify all your business messaging accounts in a single system, and start interacting with customers on the world’s most popular messaging apps.

In recent years, apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have seen a meteoric rise in its usage, largely driven by work discussions, shopping and interactions with businesses. In many countries, WhatsApp is the de facto mode of communication.

This presents businesses with fresh opportunities to engage customers where they are already spending time. Early adopters have already reaped significant benefits, reporting higher levels of customer engagement and increased sales in a short span.

With over 2 billion monthly active users on WhatsApp, it’s no surprise why.

Snapshot: Respond to Facebook, Telegram and WhatsApp messages from FocalScope’s unified customer service software.

5 ways to delight customers via WhatsApp

Creating a WhatsApp account for your business is a great start, but it’s equally important to ensure that you have adequate agent coverage across your different support channels without compromising one or the other. Below are top 5 reasons how FocalScope enables businesses to make the most of WhatsApp:

1. Provide agent-agnostic WhatsApp support

Oftentimes, we see businesses assign a single agent to monitor their WhatsApp account, which is linked to a specific mobile phone. Quickly, they realise things get awry when the assigned team member is occupied or away, where customers may be left hanging for long periods of time.

Using FocalScope, a team of support agents can be assigned to service the account, without the restrictions of having to share a single device. This way, customers will always receive timely responses across shifts.

2. Increase customer satisfaction on WhatsApp

By chatting with customers on WhatsApp, agents can engage customers and get to know them better. FocalScope enhances this by equipping agents with the universal customer card, which displays the full context on each individual customer on a sidebar.

Combining their interaction history across channels, purchase information, internal notes, and more, FocalScope’s one-screen wonder helps every agent build lasting relationships with customers.

3. Boost WhatsApp response and resolution times

As all channels – email, voice, live chat, SMS and social media – are located in one convenient place, support teams do not have to constantly switch between windows and devices. With a focused workspace, agents are alerted when new messages come in, tending to them quicker.

Since customers are often already present on WhatsApp, open-rates are much higher compared to other channels. As customers are more responsive, agents have a higher chance to get all the information they need, and are able to resolve requests speedily.

4. Disseminate news and promotions via WhatsApp

Leverage WhatsApp to share news about upcoming product releases, sale seasons, holiday promotions and more. Make it convenient for customers to respond or ask questions within WhatsApp, and take the chance to upsell your best offerings.

5. Managing expectations on WhatsApp

Proactively manage customer expectations to avoid long waiting times and customer frustration. When a message is received outside of operating hours, or during busy periods, trigger auto-replies to notify customers to expect a delay, and prompt them to reach you by phone if it’s urgent.

Snapshot: Agent-agnostic support enables timely responses round-the-clock.

Benefits of using WhatsApp for customer service

People message businesses for any number of reasons. They might be looking for product information, branch locations, restock dates, technical support… the list goes on. Studies show that consumers are increasingly preferring this mode for its convenience, the ability to talk with businesses live, and to get personalised recommendations.

This rising trend has been coined “conversational commerce”, the intersection where chatting and shopping meet. In response, businessesretail and e-commerce players particularly—are hopping on the bandwagon to gain market share. 

With its increased commercial applications, contact centers and customer service BPOs will also find WhatsApp to be essential in capturing new tenders and business opportunities.

Get started with WhatsApp for business

Contact our sales team to learn how you can leverage WhatsApp effectively for great customer experiences. Alternatively, explore our messaging channels for customer service, including Facebook, or discover more help desk integrations that can help grow your business.

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