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WhiteAway scales up their online business with FocalScope

To engage customers and drive online sales, e-commerce white goods retailer WhiteAway uses FocalScope live chat to address customer enquiries.


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Denmark, Norway, Sweden

Focalscope client

Since 2015


WhiteAway is a leading Danish e-commerce retailer providing a wide range of white goods and household appliances. With branches in Norway and Sweden, WhiteAway aims to expand to the rest of Northern Europe. 

Challenges faced

As an online retailer, WhiteAway’s business naturally relies heavily on its web presence. If a customer had a question about a product or stock availability, they had to answer right away or risk losing the sale.

Having outgrown the limitations of their existing email system, WhiteAway began searching for a system that could allow them to engage customers on multiple channels and trace conversations easily at a later stage. They also needed a tighter process to organise and handle the increasing volume of incoming emails.


FocalScope was able to address all of WhiteAway’s unique needs, right out of the box. With minimal assistance from the implementation team, WhiteAway was able to get the system up-and-running in no time. Their favourite feature—Live Chat—proved to be much easier to integrate than expected. FocalScope generated the live chat URL code, which they simply had to place in their website to get a fully functional live chat system.

We have tried other helpdesk softwares, but FocalScope fits us better.

After going live with FocalScope, we have seen a greater conversion rate on our website. We attribute this to having our sales people engage directly with customers using FocalScope live chat.

Esben Aabenhus

How FocalScope helped WhiteAway catapult towards growth

Fast deployment

Understanding their pressing needs, the FocalScope implementation team helped WhiteAway to get their system installed, configured and primed for active duty in minimal time. This meant fewer disruptions during the process and saw WhiteAway staff quickly return to full productivity.

Save time on repetitive manual tasks

In order to reduce handling time, WhiteAway took advantage of FocalScope live chat form templates to collect the necessary customer information prior to commencing the session. This helped to reduce repetitive manual work, and enabled the WhiteAway support team to process more enquiries.

FocalScope’s built-in email routing and queues also eliminated the time-consuming task of manually sorting and forwarding of emails, which was a significant pain point for WhiteAway. All they had to do was input setting once, and FocalScope automated the rest of the prioritisation and distribution work.

Scale-up deployment with business growth

With enhanced customer service capabilities, the WhiteAway team could confidently grow its business with no risk of letting customers down. Soon after, the company expanded into additional Nordic countries and added new brands to its portfolio, rolling out FocalScope to all teams across its multi-brand customer service operations.

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