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With FocalScope, Top Tours handles enquiries 3x faster than before

Using FocalScope and its integration with reservation system Amadeus, travel agency Top Tours is able to speed up response rates and handle higher request volumes.


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Top Tours is a leading travel agency in Denmark with offices in Thailand and Indonesia, offering guided holidays to destinations all over the world. On a day-to-day basis, Top Tours receives numerous requests on pricing, flight ticket availability and more. 

Challenges faced

As a travel agency, Top Tours must respond faster than their next competitor, or risk losing a potential customer. With so many players in the market, they needed to differentiate themselves by providing fast and reliable customer service coupled with an effective booking process.

To do so without increasing overheads, Top Tours knew it was time to upgrade from their existing service provider. 

Key requirements identified

Top Tours needed an all-in-one system that could help them handle voice calls, email requests and live chat sessions efficiently. It was vital that the system could support cloud set-up and integrate with their existing website.

Additionally, to help their support team manage daily influxes of customer requests, Top Tours required automatic distribution of calls, emails, and live chat sessions to the respective departments. They were also looking for an easy way to prioritise VIP customers and serve them first.


Tickets per month


Productivity improvement


CSAT increase

This is the best software I have seen in the market. It’s all seamlessly connected. It’s flexible. Best of all, it is integrated to Amadeus.

FocalScope is clearly designed and developed by people who understand customer support in the travel industry. 

Martin B.
Founder, Top Tours

The FocalScope difference

Easy to use, straightforward interface

Top Tours was all set in no time. With the addition of the live chat widget on their website, support agents were now able to interact with online visitors in real-time. Agents could also leverage FocalScope’s canned response templates to respond faster to commonly asked questions.

It was a very easy software system to get started with and the FocalScope support team was very responsive and helpful. My staff quickly picked up the use of the system and it helped that the look and feel of the system is similar to Microsoft Outlook,” said Martin Bisp, founder of Top Tours. 

Integration with Amadeus

Adding Amadeus proved to be a game changer for Top Tours. In the past, agents would open Amadeus separately to look up flight information such as timing, availability and price. Then, they would have to manually copy and paste the information into emails, which was time consuming and prone to accidental errors.

Now, this is all done within FocalScope. By integrating Amadeus into the system, support agents could search for flight information and quickly insert details directly into emails without hassle. This significantly reduces handling time, and cuts down on the volume of repetitive work for agents.

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