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Radisson Blu boosts room reservation handling times using FocalScope

International hotel chain Radisson Blu runs FocalScope to provide unparalleled customer support on email, and process room reservations faster than before. 


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Reduction in handling times


Improvement in customer satisfaction

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Since 2010


Radisson Blu is an international hotel chain with presence in 380 locations. 

Challenges faced

In the hospitality industry, customer service is everything and ratings could make or break a hotel’s reputation forever. Recognising this, Radisson Blu was in the market for a new, upgraded email system that could help its employees better serve customers.

One key consideration for Radisson Blu was security, as protecting their customers’ personal data was top priority. They also needed a quick roll-out plan such that selected hotels could adopt the solution without any disturbance to their service.

FocalScope is made for our industry.


Our room reservation department now saves a lot of time thanks to the improved efficiency, and it took just two days for the FocalScope installation to go live. 

Rolf L.
IT Chief, Radisson Blu

How FocalScope made a difference

Fast, secure deployment

Deploying FocalScope at their hotels proved to be easy and completely secure since FocalScope ran on their intranet website, safely protected from unauthorised access.

Speedy implementation and professional assistance from the FocalScope team were key factors in making the transition to the new system as seamless as possible. Installation and configuration of the system concluded on day one, followed by training for end users on the morning of day two. The system was ready to go live by the afternoon of day two.

Radisson Blu’s IT team had no problems integrating FocalScope into their operations because FocalScope runs on Microsoft Technologies already familiar to them. Focalscope was installed on a virtual server and connected to their existing POP3/SMTP mail server, without any configuration changes to Radisson Blu’s existing IT infrastructure.

Dramatic improvements in email response times, handling times

Training staff to use FocalScope was a breeze, and Radisson Blu staff could easily manage it internally. The intuitive interface and natural workflows helped Radisson Blu staff to master the system, without extensive and time-consuming training sessions.

Radisson Blu dramatically improved response times by using FocalScope’s detailed reports (for benchmarking staff performance) and efficient email handling to improve workload coverage; optimally using each member of their team. With a dedicated team and the right support tool, they markedly improved their customer satisfaction rating.

In a world where white-glove customer service is expected, FocalScope has become Radisson Blu’s reliable right hand in its delivery.

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