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How Pronto answers 600 calls a day, within three seconds

Equipped with FocalScope’s suite of omnichannel solutions, call center provider Pronto expanded its range of services to include email, live chat, SMS and Facebook – while ensuring SLAs are always met. 


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Founded in 2012, Pronto Callcenter is a third-party business process outsourcing provider. Serving small and medium enterprises throughout Denmark, Pronto offers telephone answering, receptionist service and calendar booking for its customers.

Key requirements identified

Based on a growth strategy, Pronto needed an end-to-end helpdesk and contact center solution for more efficient handling of telephone calls, email, live chat and SMS.

With multiple call centers in different locations, it was imperative that Pronto could route calls in global queues seamlessly to maximise productivity. They needed a live dashboard to provide visibility over its busy operations. 

Lastly, Pronto also required built-in reporting capabilities with the software that could track a multitude of metrics like average handling time, missed calls, first-touch-resolution rates and more. To compile reports for its different customers, the team needed flexibility to tailor reports according to individual customers’ specifications.

Why FocalScope

After a thorough research and evaluation of the market for telephone solutions with built-in email, sms and chat, it gradually became clear to Pronto that there are not many providers in the market that are able to provide a total solution for receptionist service.

When FocalScope came in, the Pronto team was overjoyed to find a holistic, all-in-one solution that was targeted precisely at receptionist service and telephone answering. 


Inbound calls per month


Productivity improvement


CSAT increase

We have found a perfect partner who is really good at listening to our requirements in order to constantly optimise our workflows.

Mette Monty K. Department Head, Pronto Callcenter

How FocalScope fit Pronto’s needs

After several rounds of demo and presentation, it became clear that FocalScope was the perfect match for Pronto Callcenter. It was also a great advantage that FocalScope can also offer telephone lines. The prices for SIP trunk / VoIP telephony from FocalScope are also competitive.

Robust SLA policies to keep teams in check

FocalScope enabled Pronto to serve numerous customers in a single platform. By entering individual customers’ service level agreements, the system would warn Pronto agents and supervisors when thresholds are about to be reached. The team could also configure FocalScope to fast-track expiring tickets to rapid response teams for quick handling.

More than 70 pre-formatted Microsoft Excel reports across channels

Pronto also loved FocalScope’s flexible reporting system, which allowed their team to download more than 70 types of pre-formatted Microsoft Excel reports across channels. This way, they could slice and dice the data, make any adjustments and tailor it the way each of their customers wanted.

“It is of course extremely important for us that the IT system fulfils our wishes for functions, but it is also important that we have a really good chemistry with a software supplier. We have got both with FocalScope,” said Mette Monty Koor, Head of Department at Pronto Callcenter. 

She added, “With FocalScope, we have finally got a modern platform that can easily scale. In addition, it is a big plus for us that the platform also allows us to expand our product range to include the handling of emails, live chat, SMS, Facebook, etc.”

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