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Network Courier streamlines operations using FocalScope

With minimal support, Network Courier integrated FocalScope into their existing software ecosystem, using it to improve customer engagement and internal communications.


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Founded in 1990, Network Courier has grown to become one of Singapore’s leading courier service providers. It provides delivery services for both local and international package deliveries and serves global brands and businesses. Committed to building trust and relationships with their customers, Network Courier has received several awards for its consistent quality customer service. 

Key needs identified

The courier industry is a highly competitive one. Courier companies live and die by the quality of their service and the promptness of their customer support. Network Courier had an excellent record of accomplishment both in service delivery and customer care, but was looking for a way to maintain its edge over their competitors and ensure every customer of theirs remains a customer for life.

Network Courier needed more clarity over their operations, specifically who handles each query and how it gets resolved. For complex cases, they wanted the ability to involve more people or specialists to ensure rapid turnover time and highly professional responses. Finally, Network Courier wanted a way for agents to handle ongoing communications with customers, in the event that a fellow agent is out of commission.


FocalScope was able to meet all the challenges posed by Network Courier’s unique requirements. The system was tested in isolation before full-scale implementation. FocalScope’s engineers were constantly available to assist with configurations and testing, but the bulk of the implementation was easily handled by Network Couriers own IT staff.

We were impressed to hear FocalScope could be integrated with our existing software ecosystem.

The FocalScope team is amazing. They share best practices and help us to get maximum benefits out of the system. 

VS Kumar
Managing Director, Network Courier

How Network Courier made the most of FocalScope’s email ticketing features

Team collaboration tools

The Network Courier team needed a means for efficient internal communication, so that frontline agents can consult supervisors and specialists on more complex issues. Leveraging FocalScope’s built-in internal chat feature, they were able to enhance collaboration and improve email response time.

Network Courier also made use of group inboxes (ticketboxes), to help groups of agents monitor and respond to incoming requests. With anti-collision alerts, agents can see when another colleague has accepted a ticket. In this situation, the ticket is locked to avoid duplicate work and confusing customers.

Email routing and queues

In the past, Network Courier had been working in silos. Whenever agents had to take unplanned leave, the team struggled to get organised and cover absent colleagues. This is where FocalScope’s innovative ticket queues and ticket recycling comes in, where the system fairly distributes email tickets to any available agents. If an agent does not attend to their queued tickets, the system recycles the tickets and presents them to another available agent. This improves turnover times as the whole team is utilised, without straining any one individual and ensuring that enquiries are always attended to.

Speedy onboarding and training

Network Courier agents were quickly able to harness the full power of FocalScope because of the familiar interface and intuitive workflow. This was of critical importance to Network Courier, as they could not afford ongoing staff training sessions delaying them in reaching full productivity.

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