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DHL handles more customer emails in less time with FocalScope

Using FocalScope’s advanced routing intelligence, the global transport operator automatically distributes vast volumes of customer emails to optimise response times.


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DHL is a global shipping, courier and transportation provider. With presence in more than 220 countries and territories, DHL employs 380,000+ employees worldwide. Since 2009, DHL has been using FocalScope’s email ticketing and knowledge base offerings to serve customers.

Challenges faced

DHL receives and processes a high volume of email queries on a daily basis. To be truly efficient, they needed a flexible and user-friendly system with the ability to prioritise and route emails to the right agents and teams. The DHL team also needed clarity on who is responsible for each ticket, and statistical reports to show them how tickets were being managed, as well as metrics like response and resolution times etc. It was imperative that the system be fast to implement so as not to disrupt their busy schedule.


After a 14-day free trial, the DHL team decided to switch to FocalScope. Set-up was a breeze, as FocalScope uses POP3/SMTP to connect to DHL’s Microsoft Exchange server seamlessly. This was critical, as there was no option for DHL to replace their existing email server. Thanks to the system’s simple and intuitive interface, DHL had no problem moving their staff onto the new platform.


Tickets per month


Productivity improvement


CSAT increase

We have been with FocalScope for more than 10 years and it’s been a great journey.


We keep rolling out the software to new teams and FocalScope keeps expanding with new features.

Anders U.
Project Manager, DHL

How FocalScope helped DHL to drive customer service improvements

Built-in functionalities to improve productivity

FocalScope’s automatic ticket number assignment and email threading functionalities gave the DHL team a full audit trail for every ticket in the system. It also provided constant awareness of which agents are handling what tickets at any one time. Support staff could search for emails by reference, booking, or invoice number to quickly assist customers.

As a result, ticket response and resolution times went down substantially, due to FocalScope’s clutter-free email management and collaboration tools that help staff work as one unit.

Upgraded reporting capabilities 

Having a flexible and simple-to-use reporting tool made it easy to monitor and track performance across the entire team. This ensures that DHL maintains high customer satisfaction.


Integration into their website allows DHL Express to feed customer data directly into FocalScope. This enables them to gather information regarding shipping requests and location details, directly into FocalScope, without any manual effort.

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