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How Atea handles 16,000 emails every week

Nordic IT provider Atea leverages FocalScope email ticketing to power up its customer service speed and quality. 


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Atea Group is the Nordic region’s largest supplier of IT infrastructure with more than 7,200 employees in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Key requirements identified

At the time, Atea was growing rapidly and needed a cloud-based email ticket system to handle over 16,000 email inquiries every week. To process such a large volume of emails, it was vital that the ticketing system could automatically sort, prioritise and distribute emails to the right teams without any manual efforts on their part. 

Atea identified a must-have need for the system to support reporting, dashboards and exportability to data warehouses, and ensure that response time targets are met. It was important for Atea that the solution is “out-of-the-box”, and able to integrate with Office365.

The selection process

As one of the Nordic region’s leading IT companies, it was easy for Atea to shortlist five potential solutions for their new email ticketing system. Each provider was given the opportunity to present their solution. After several qualifying rounds and evaluation, Atea eventually chose FocalScope. The crucial factors for choosing FocalScope were: features, integration with Microsoft Office365, 24/7 support, full implementation, project management, training and competitive price.

With FocalScope, we get a better overview of our common email inboxes and we can ensure that emails are handled within our service hours.

  Senior Operations Manager, Atea

How FocalScope helped Atea pivot to success

To begin the project, FocalScope implementation consultants worked with Atea to configure the system per their requirements and provided onboarding training for the support team. Regardless of the large-scaled deployment, both teams collaborated to keep up with the roll-out timeline. 

Quicker handling time and increased customer satisfaction

FocalScope’s flexible email ticket solution quickly became a success in Atea, going beyond a system to play an integral role in their customer service and sales departments. The team particularly liked the system’s routing capabilities, which automatically distributes emails to the right teams based on keywords. Combined with SLA policies that flag emails that are about to exceed targeted response time, FocalScope helps to streamline Atea’s workflows and ensure that customers get quick responses to their email inquiries.

Greater visibility on operations driven by data

Before the system came into place, Atea did not have an easy path to extracting data. With FocalScope’s automatic reporting function and live dashboards, the Atea management team is able to remotely manage day-to-day performance and analyse data collected to learn more about their customers. 

All in all, FocalScope has made daily work easier for Atea employees, and whose customers can now receive faster responses to their email inquiries.

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