Office 365 and Gmail integrations: Improving ease of deployment

Get the best of what modern cloud has to offer without compromising security, performance or reliability via Office 365 & Gmail integrations.

marts 17, 2021
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As part of our ongoing efforts to improve ease of set-up, and support a wider variety of deployment scenarios, we are pleased to announce our enhanced Microsoft 365 and Gmail integrations.

Improving your ease of deployment 

FocalScope connects seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and Gmail through Graph API and OAuth2, which dramatically simplifies and speeds up deployment time. This means existing users can connect their accounts with FocalScope quickly and easily.

Reap the full benefits from your existing set-up, while still enjoying all the features of our customer service software.

Office 365 and Gmail integrations: Proprietary protocols supported

FocalScope supports proprietary protocols from Microsoft 365 and Gmail, so that you can get the best of what the modern cloud has to offer without compromising security, performance or reliability.

For instance, FocalScope supports Microsoft 365’s advanced security options, ensuring that data about your company, employees and customers are kept secure. 

In a variety of scenarios, proprietary protocols may be more efficient for optimising the load on your IT infrastructure. Here, FocalScope gives you the flexibility to switch to them for better performance. 

Transition seamlessly from legacy email systems to the cloud

FocalScope is compatible with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards such as IMAP, POP and SMTP. At the same time, we are fully-integrated with cloud service providers like Microsoft 365 and Gmail. As a result, you have the ability to host both legacy and cloud-based email accounts in the same FocalScope instance.

Why this is useful? For companies that are considering to transition from their legacy email systems to cloud-based services, or plan to switch service providers in the near future, FocalScope allows you to do so seamlessly and progressively without disruptions to your customer service operations.

Since all email traffic, across legacy or cloud accounts, will be housed in a single platform, your agents can focus on serving customers without switching between applications or logins. Along the same vein, your team will benefit from having full transparency for who’s working on which tasks.

Get the best set-up for your business

More than 3,000 leading companies rely on us to identify and implement cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployment modes according to their business needs and IT infrastructure.

Many of these companies, including DHL, banks, and telcos, have successfully integrated FocalScope with their existing email servers and overarching IT ecosystem.

“We were impressed to hear FocalScope could be integrated with our existing software ecosystem.”

VS Kumar, Managing Director, Network Courier

Explore our customer stories to learn how companies like yours have implemented FocalScope successfully. Alternatively, contact us to discuss your implementation needs today.

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