Boost TMC productivity with Amadeus, Sabre, Travelport integrations

Travel management companies can unlock greater productivity and boost handling times via integrations with global distribution systems Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport.

februar 14, 2022
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Attention, corporate, maritime and offshore travel management companies (TMCs): Our new integration with global distribution systems (GDS) Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport have arrived!

One of our most highly-requested integrations, the FocalScope-GDS integration is built on the back of our longstanding partnerships with leading TMCs around the world.

Designed to help agents save time on bread and butter processes, the new FocalScope-GDS integrations work to streamline “look-up and respond” tasks, eliminate repetitive work and reduce errors from copy-pasting.

Manual processes drained productivity, prone to error

Before this integration, in order to retrieve booking information, travel agents would have to open their GDS in a separate window, type in the passenger name record (PNR), and manually copy-paste the booking information to their email.

The process was time-consuming, inefficient and prone to error – yet agents still had to do it with every booking, clocking up hundreds and thousands of look-ups everyday.

“It was such a painful process toggling back and forth different windows. When you have to do this a thousand times a day, errors are bound to happen,” said Paul S., founder of a regional TMC.

He added, “But in our line of work, serving the maritime and offshore sectors, we can’t afford to make mistakes like that, because it can have devastating snowball effects for our customers.”

Eliminate repetitive work and boost travel agent productivity

With the new GDS integration, TMC agents can:

  1. Look up booking information directly within the FocalScope interface.
  2. Select individual blocks of information to be included in their email.
  3. Insert content directly into their email response.

Snapshot 1: How agents can retrieve Amadeus booking information within FocalScope

Snapshot 2: After inserting content, agents can continue editing their response

(Note: This example uses Amadeus, but the underlying principle of how it works remains the same for Travelport, Sabre, or any other GDS / CRS system)

Faster response times, happier customers

In addition, FocalScope allows you to add a drop-down list of standard response templates (also known as canned responses) and customise the format in which you want all the information to be presented in.

“I really like the ability to pick and choose which part of the booking itinerary to include, as it saves additional time from manually editing the email,” said Paul. “As a whole, the integration with our GDS, Travelport, reduced our email handling times dramatically.”

“This is the best software in the market. It’s all seamlessly connected. It’s flexible. Best of all, it is integrated to Amadeus.”

Martin B., Founder, Top Tours

Integrate with Amadeus, Sabre or Travelport today 

Over the years, we have worked with various leading TMCs serving the corporate and maritime sectors. Through the course of these partnerships, we have developed our software to incorporate best practices and features fit to the needs of TMCs. 

Please contact us if you are interested in the FocalScope-GDS integration, or click here to learn more about how we help TMCs improve productivity and capture new tenders.

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