Manage all messages & comments with the Facebook integration

Make the most of your social media presence with our new Facebook integration. Interact with all customer messages and comments in one place.

august 20, 2021

Today, most businesses have a Facebook page where they list important business information, updates, and showcase new products and services. In turn, customers can leave comments, or message businesses directly for enquiries and purchases.

To make the most of your social media presence, and reap the maximum ROI from social campaigns, high customer engagement is a must. However, agents are often battling multiple channels at once, inadvertently allowing potential leads to slip through the cracks.

That’s why we are excited to announce the new Facebook integration, which allows you to engage customers directly within FocalScope.

6 ways to maximise the Facebook integration for customer service

Our new Facebook integration will help you respond to and keep track of social media conversations with much greater ease. In the following 6 ways, we show you how:  

1. Improved response times on Facebook

With every channel located in a single console, agents can focus on serving customers without switching between devices, windows or accounts. Manage conversations systematically and eliminate any possibility of lost opportunities.

2. Continuous Facebook support across shifts and locations

Assign a team of agents to manage your Facebook accounts without having to share devices or logins. Having a team, as compared to a single agent, ensures that you can provide continuous support on Facebook between shifts, and manage high request volumes during peak periods.

And our collaboration features like the internal agent-to-agent chat, notes, and optimised search makes it easier for your team to cooperate and help customers more efficiently.

3. Send and receive Facebook attachments

Send and receive file attachments the same way you normally do. Make it easy for customers and agents to share information in the most convenient way possible, and your handling times will naturally improve.

Snapshot: Maximise your Facebook presence by engaging with customers effectively.

4. Provide personalised service at scale

Delivering personalised service on Facebook becomes much easier when you are have their individual customer card on hand. If you are using external CRMs like Salesforce or Shopify, FocalScope can also pull those records right into your mailbox, allowing agents to reference additional customer information, order history and more.

5. Disseminate auto-replies, news and Facebook promotions

Create rules and trigger auto-replies on Facebook messaging. Let customers know to expect delays when it’s outside of your operating hours or when agents are busy. Direct them to your online FAQs for self-serve answers, or share news about exclusive events and promotions.

6. Increased customer satisfaction

Support on their preferred channel? Check.
Speedy responses? Check.
Highly personalised service? Check.

Engagement is the #1 priority of any social media strategy, and our new Facebook integration makes it that much easier and more convenient for you to be present for your customers.

Get Facebook messaging for your business

Interested to learn more? Read more about our messaging features here, or contact our sales team to find out how you can make use of Facebook to engage with customers effectively.

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