Auto data archiving and purging: Maintain data security

Maintain data security, compliance and optimise system performance with FocalScope’s built-in automatic data archiving and purging feature.

april 2, 2021
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In our latest update, we introduce new features that allow you to automatically archive and/or purge old data from your FocalScope system. This includes all customer-related data, including emails, call recordings, call logs, chat transcripts, and more.

Why do you need automatic data archiving and purging? 

Most businesses are bound by data privacy laws requiring them to remove customer and/or employee data after a stipulated length of time. To comply with these policies, you would have to regularly archive and purge data e.g. once every six months.

Regularly purging outdated or redundant data also keeps systems running at peak performance.

However, this process can get expensive, particularly when external IT professionals are needed for the job. Yet, business leaders typically bite the bullet and pay hefty fees to get this done, for fear of catastrophic service disruptions should anything go wrong.

Exporting data for client off-boarding

Contact centers and BPOs are often required to handover customer data at the end of a campaign or contract, before purging it completely from their systems. With FocalScope, you can export, archive, and/or purge data pertaining to a specific client quickly and efficiently, avoiding any service interruptions and additional costs.

How does automatic data archiving and purging work?

Our new automatic data archiving and purging features are fully flexible, where system admins can autonomously update settings when needed. Only a few steps are required:

    • Determine how long your data should be retained in the system.
    • Decide whether to archive or purge data older than the retention period.
    • Schedule the data archiving and/or purging after office hours or during regular maintenance periods to avoid disruptions.

Admins also have the option to manually archive and purge data on demand.

To learn more about FocalScope data archiving and purging, please reach out to our team.

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