How to configure and enable FocalScope's Acknowledgment of Assignment feature
Thursday, December 1, 2016 2:41 PM

FocalScope has many features dedicated to communicating to customers what is happening to their enquiries. Another of these is the Acknowledgment of Assignment feature, which allows FocalScope to send a precompiled messages to customers whenever a new agent is assigned to their ticket / case / query. This article will demonstrate how to configure and activate the Acknowledgment of Assignment feature for a FocalScope folder.


Configuring and enabling Acknowledgments for a folder

  1. Right click a personal / shared folder and select [Properties]Please note, you can only enable the Acknowledgment of Assignment for inbound folders (that is to say folders that receive emails)
  2. After the [Folder Properties] window appears, click the [Events] tab
  3. Under the [Acknowledgment of assignment] section, click the [Show advanced properties] link
  4. You can now configure the following three settings:
    1. Click the [...] button for the [1st time assignment] field to specify the predefined email message to send to the customer when the ticket is assigned to an agent for the first time
    2. Click the [...] button for the [Subsequent assignments] field to specify the predefined email message to send to the customer when the ticket is reassigned to another agent
    3. Click the [...] button for the [Supervisor] and select an agent who will act as the supervisor for all assignment notifications send to customers. Please note, notifications sent will go through this agents [Outgoing] folder and, if sent successfully, end up in their [Sent items] folder
  5. Click [Ok] to save the configuration and enable Acknowledgment of Assignment for the selected folder

Figure 1 - Acknowledgment of Assignment configuration

Identifying Acknowledgments in a folder

You can easily distinguish between Acknowledgments of Assignment and normal emails because acknowledgments are rendered in light grey text in the FocalScope interface.

Figure 2 - Assignment notifications sent to customers