How to enable custom UI extensions in FocalScope (On-Premise edition)
Monday, December 5, 2016 8:15 AM

If you are using the On-Premise edition of FocalScope and you want to use custom Live Chat UI templates, then you need to enable the custom UI extensions option in FocalScope. This article details how you can enable the custom UI extensions feature in FocalScope.


Enabling custom UI extensions in FocalScope

  • Log into your FocalScope application server
  • In the Windows Start menu, locate and run [FocalScope Mail > Configure FocalScope instance] to start the FocalScope instance configuration wizard. Please note, leave all instance parameters at their default unless otherwise indicated

Figure 1 - Starting the FocalScope instance configurator

  •  At the [Setup Action] step and select the [Repair or modify existing FocalScope instance] option

Figure 2 - Repairing or modifying your FocalScope instance

  • At the [FocalScope Instance] step, select the emm instance and click [Next >]

Figure 3 - Defining the default FocalScope instance

  • At the [Select Additional Tasks] step, tick the [Enable custom UI extensions] option and click [Next >] and complete the FocalScope instance configuration

Figure 4 - Core feature configuration

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