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Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for data security

Protect customer, employee and enterprise data with two-factor authentication (2fA) and the latest, best-in-class security measures in FocalScope.

Manage all messages & comments with the Facebook integration

Make the most of your social media presence with our new Facebook integration. Interact with all customer messages and comments in one place.

Protect sensitive customer information via data masking

Leverage our data masking tool to hide sensitive customer data, and comply with privacy and data protection laws such as the GDPR and PDPA.

Search within file attachments with our enhanced search tool

FocalScope's enhanced search tool improves accuracy, reduces effort, and allows searching within attachment files.

Guide to customer service training for new or struggling agents

Leverage our built-in customer service training features to coach new or struggling agents for both email and voice support.

Auto data archiving and purging: Maintain data security

Maintain data security, compliance and optimise system performance with FocalScope's built-in automatic data archiving and purging feature.

Office 365 and Gmail integrations: Improving ease of deployment

Get the best of what modern cloud has to offer without compromising security, performance or reliability via Office 365 & Gmail integrations.

FocalScope supports Skoleskak with day-to-day operations

To promote school chess and inclusive learning for students with special needs, Skoleskak uses FocalScope for more efficient communications.

What is CSAT and NPS and how do I measure them?

CSAT measures customer satisfaction while NPS measures longer-term loyalty. Track both with fully-customisable surveys across channels.

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