FocalScope Boosts Pokhara Enduro’s Community Sport Engagement

The Pokhara Enduro Race in Nepal uses FocalScope, a leading help desk and contact centre software solutions provider, to efficiently manage event coordination and communication across 11 countries.

February 1, 2024
Pokhara Enduro Race Biker with Himalayas in background.

Image Credit: Pokhara Enduro

Would you like to explore one of Nepal’s top destinations on a bike? Experience breathtaking views of the Himalayan ranges, serene lakes, and scenic hills. Cycling tourism has been on the rise lately, offering an immersive experience. However, it comes with its fair share of challenges.

The Pokhara Enduro Race (POE) collaborates with a community of local individuals and international volunteers to develop and maintain mountain biking trails in the foothills of the lake city. They showcase breathtaking landscapes while respecting the environment and cultural heritage of the beautiful Pokhara Valley in Nepal.

The first round of identifying and developing the routes began in January 2020 with a dozen trail builders and riders from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, South Africa and Nepal. After a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the International Enduro Race saw participants from a dozen countries gather in Pokhara in November 2023.

How FocalScope Supports Pokhara Enduro

The Pokhara Enduro Race has three primary objectives: promoting community development, empowering the local economy and inspiring a new generation of riders.

Getting ready for the Pokhara Enduro Race is no small feat—it involves a year-round orchestration of numerous tasks, with coordination spanning across continents and time zones. The teams responsible for sales, media, race officials, logistics, trail builders, and marshals are scattered in different countries. Sunil Chandra Sharma, the race director, operates from the headquarters in Nepal and requires a complete understanding of all these tasks. Seamless communication among the teams and with event partners, sponsors, and participants is paramount for ensuring the success of the event.

Community in Pokhara watching the race

Community in Pokhara watching the race. Image Credit: Pokhara Enduro

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“As we strive for excellence, we take pride in collaborating with FocalScope to improve and simplify our communication with stakeholders. Prior to incorporating FocalScope into our processes, we faced various difficulties in managing internal team and participant communications.”

– Sunil C. Sharma, Race Director, Pokhara Enduro Race.

The challenges Pokhara Enduro faced:

1. Fragmented Communication

POE used multiple communication channels, which made it tricky to keep track of all participant interactions in one central place. This caused problems in reaching out to the same participant across different channels like emails, social media messages, and phone calls. As a result, coordinating efforts became challenging and messages were sometimes overlooked.

2. Response Time

Keeping up with messages across different platforms manually led to delays in addressing participant inquiries and concerns. This became particularly challenging when dealing with queries from various time zones. Consequently, important announcements were occasionally overlooked, leaving participants frustrated due to the lack of timely responses.

3. Participant Experience

The inconsistent and delayed responses affected participants’ experiences and satisfaction. Participants provided feedback indicating a need for improved communication and more personalised engagement.

4. Efficiency

Managing pre-race marketing, partnership communications, race operations, race results, and post-race reports was a real hassle without a comprehensive communication solution. Team members found themselves juggling between various platforms, which ate up time and resources. This led to inefficiencies and missed chances along the way.

Pokhara Enduro Race, group photo

Image Credit: Pokhara Enduro

The FocalScope Solution

FocalScope evaluated the needs and requirements of the race planning team before proposing a custom FocalScope solution with two parts: Omni-channel Communications Manager and Knowledgebase.

Omni-channel Communications Manager: 

FocalScope integrates multiple communication channels into a single platform. Emails, WhatsApp, Facebook, and voice call notes are all gathered in one centralised ticket box.

Communications from the same person across different channels can be linked to the same ticket, ensuring that no context is lost. For example, if a participant sends an inquiry on WhatsApp and follows up with an email, both forms of communication can be linked to the same ticket, eliminating the need for repetitive questions and answers to fill in missing information.


The race planning team receives numerous daily inquiries leading up to the race, many of which involve simple and repetitive questions. The FAQ Knowledgebase empowers potential participants and volunteers to find answers on their own, significantly reducing the number of support tickets received by the team. This allows the team to allocate more time to handling complex inquiries and providing a better customer experience.

Three key FocalScope Features that are included in the package:

1. Cloud Implementation

A cloud implementation was chosen to ensure that the race planning team could start using FocalScope immediately, regardless of their location and time zone. The team members can access FocalScope from their laptops, mobile phones, or a web app, ensuring connectivity wherever they are.

2. Workflow Automation

Auto-reply templates, canned response templates, and email auto-translation allow the POE support team to streamline their communications with participants and sponsors. These templates help save time as support staff can swiftly insert responses to common questions. Additionally, the built-in auto-translator allows the team to reply to participants in their preferred languages.

3. Universal Customer Card

FocalScope’s universal customer card collects every interaction that takes place across all communication channels. It conveniently stores details about previous race participance, their home countries, and past inquiries. Accessing this information ensures a comprehensive understanding, enhances communication quality, and facilitates the promotion of upgraded race packages.

Pokhara Enduro Race, group photo with mountains in background.

Image Credit: Pokhara Enduro

Results and Impact

Implementing FocalScope has significantly transformed participant communications and event management processes. The key outcomes and impact include:

1. Enhanced Participant Satisfaction

Timely and personalised responses have led to an increase in participant satisfaction and loyalty. Participants have expressed appreciation for receiving prompt and accurate answers to their inquiries, creating a positive impression of their event. 

2. Increased Operations Efficiency

FocalScope’s automation capabilities have saved valuable time and resources in managing communications. With fewer manual tasks, their team members can focus on other critical aspects of event organisation, such as logistics, marketing, and participant engagement.

3. Streamlined Processes

A centralised view of participant and sponsor interactions simplified their operations. It also ensured a seamless flow of information across all event teams, such as media, operations, trail building, medical and marketing. Their teams can now quickly access past communications, reducing redundant questions and improving productivity. 

FocalScope’s intuitive platform allowed the compact POE team to seamlessly organise participant, volunteer, and sponsor communications across 11 countries. This partnership elevated the overall quality and reach of the Pokhara Enduro Race, helping them deliver an exceptional experience to all stakeholders.

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