FocalScope supports Skoleskak with day-to-day operations

To promote school chess and inclusive learning for students with special needs, Skoleskak uses FocalScope for more efficient communications.

February 9, 2021
Picture of children in a chess competition

Did you know? Modern chess, as we know it, first emerged in Europe in 1090. Since then, the game has become one of the world’s most popular games. Besides its fun element, chess develops logic, critical thinking, and creativity skills in young students.

The story of Dansk Skoleskak

In 1960, a group of teachers came together with a joint mission to bring chess to their local community in Denmark. Today, Skoleskak organises chess activities at over 600 schools across 90 municipalities. With focus on bridging social gaps, its “Skoleskak for Alle” programme caters to students with ADHD, autism and general learning difficulties.

How FocalScope supports Skoleskak’s mission

When the FocalScope team heard about Skoleskak’s meaningful work, and the impact they were bringing to local communities, we were eager to help.

In its day-to-day operations, Skoleskak coordinates learning activities with various schools and teachers to incorporate chess into their curriculums. They also organise nationwide chess competitions, knowledge-sharing conferences, as well as outreach programmes. At the same time, Skoleskak also runs an online shop selling chess-related merchandise to raise funds.

Combined, these activities make up a very busy calendar for Skoleskak. This is where FocalScope comes in: To help Skoleskak organise its communications, and ensure that all their stakeholders (schools, teachers, parents, students) are well taken care of.

3 key features of FocalScope’s email ticketing system

1. Automatic routing of email tickets

Before FocalScope, Skoleskak would have assign an agent per inbox for the sole purpose of combing through emails to triage them to different departments. They did so by manually forwarding individual emails to different team members.

With the introduction of FocalScope’s email routing and ticket queues, incoming emails are automatically assigned a ticket number and distributed to the right department e.g. schools, events, fundraising, marketing, webstore etc.

“FocalScope’s automatic routing feature is a big game changer for us. It creates a focused workspace, and enables us to keep track of emails coming from all fronts,” said Skoleskak’s operations manager.

2. Agent-collision alert

At a glance, everyone on the team can view all email tickets, current statuses, internal notes, and who’s assigned to what. When an agent begins a response, the email is locked for editing, preventing duplicate work and confusing a customer. This way, agents do not have to shout across the room to let their colleagues know they are handling a ticket.

3. Faster response times than you can say, “Checkmate!”

For Skoleskak’s charity webstore, FocalScope helps support agents to respond faster using quick reply and standard response templates, and keep track of service performance through dashboards and reporting metrics.

Moreover, FocalScope’s intuitive platform enables speedy onboarding, which greatly helps when new volunteers are introduced.

“Resources are especially scarce in non-profits like us. We are grateful for FocalScope’s ability to help us do so much more with our limited manpower,” the manager added.

Interested to learn more?

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