Search within file attachments with our enhanced search tool

FocalScope’s enhanced search tool improves accuracy, reduces effort, and allows searching within attachment files.

June 8, 2021

Searching for a specific email or file can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Whether is it for responding, forwarding, or fact-finding, support agents spend significant time on this ubiquitous task every day. This challenge is only amplified in busy, shared mailboxes.

In this week’s update, we are pleased to announce a major performance boost to our search tool and an exciting new feature: search within attachments. 

Advanced search gets even faster

We have optimised our search capability by integrating with Elastic Search in cloud-based instances. Across the board, search processes have accelerated dramatically, yielding more accurate results in less time.

In fact, the more complex or specific the search, the faster the results!

You can refine search by specifying a category. For instance, search by entering a ticket number, any part of an email’s body text, email addresses, and more. Thereafter, results are displayed in chronological order for convenient reference.

Snapshot: Retrieve files quickly by searching within attachments.

Search within attachments

Search within file attachments. To do so, enter a description before the system scans all attachment files to match the query. Most file types are supported, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF documents.

With the new enhancements, search becomes effortless and agents can spend the extra time on tasks that matter most: Serving customers.

To learn more about our search engine capabilities, chat with us today.

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