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    The difference between raw and template-based reports

    FocalScope report data can be exported to Microsoft Excel where it can be manipulated and displayed according to the user's needs. This article will detail the major difference between raw (static) and template-based (live) reports exported from FocalScope to Excel.


    Raw reports are static and represent a snapshot of the FocalScope report data as it existed at the time it was exported to the raw report. Raw report data can be edited in Excel, represented in pivot tables / charts, etc.; however, these customizations have to be added to the report after it has been generated. Useful tip: After you have created your pivot tables / charts in a raw report, you can copy the data table from newly generated raw report files to the one containing your pivot tables / charts. This way you don't have to recreate the pivot tables / charts for every new raw report. (Please note: This will only work for the same type of raw report.)

    Please note: Raw reports should be used when sharing FocalScope reports with users who do not have access to the FocalScope instance from which the reports were generate.

    Template-based reports are live and will download the latest FocalScope report data as it exists in the system the moment the template-based report is opened. Template-based reports also contain all the pivot tables / charts that you included in the report template that was uploaded to your FocalScope instance as a custom report.

    Please noteTemplate-based reports can be viewed only by users who are actively logged into the FocalScope instance from which the reports were generated.


    Exporting either a raw or template-based report is done as follows:

    1. In the [Workspace], navigate to the [Shared Items > Shared reports] folder
    2. Double-click an existing report, or right-click in the right-hand pane and select [Add]
      1. If you are adding a new report, in the [Report form], set the template to one of the available options
    3. After setting your preferred filtering options for the report (if the report such options), click either the [Live Excel] button (to generate a the template-based report) or the [Raw] button (to generate the raw report)

    Figure 1 - Exporting a FocalScope report to Excel

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