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Downloading the FocalScope Mobile Client (Android devices)

You can download the FocalScope Mobile Client for Android devices from either Google Play or directly from your desktop FocalScope instance. This article details the process of downloading the FocalScope Mobile Client from your desktop FocalScope instance.


How to download the Mobile Client

  1. Select [Configuration > Mobile Client > Download] in the main menu of your desktop FocalScope interface
  2. On your mobile device, enter the URL (highlighted in red) into the browser, or take a snapshot of the barcode
  3. Click the [Log into the application] link to get the URL of your FocalScope instance (indicated by arrow)
  4. The configuration screen will change to the one on the right. Note down your FocalScope instance URL (highlighted in blue)

Your mobile device should complete the download within 1 minute (download time may vary depending on signal strength / network speed).

Figure 1 - The Mobile Client download URL

Installing and launching the Mobile Client application

After successfully downloading the FocalScope.apk file, run it and click [Install] at the installation screen.

Launch the Mobile Client application after it has successfully been installed.

Figure 2 - Mobile Client installation screen

First-use configuration of the Mobile Client

  1. At the login screen, specify your FocalScope instance URL, which you got from the Mobile Client configuration screen
  2. Fill in your FocalScope login name and password and click on the [Login] button

Please note, this configuration is performed only when the Mobile Client is first installed (or later updated to a new version).

Figure 3 - Defining your FocalScope instance

Welcome to the FocalScope Mobile Client

Tap the [Sync] button (indicated by arrow) to begin the initial synchronization.

Please note, synchronization time will vary according to how much information you elected to synchronize to the mobile device.

Figure 4 - The Mobile Client's workspace

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