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Concept introduction - the FocalScope Mobile Client

The FocalScope Mobile Client allows agents to receive and reply to emails from their office FocalScope instance, directly on their mobile device. Agents have full access to the following data in FocalScope and can perform the corresponding actions:

  • Emails - read / reply / forward
  • TIckets - open / close / assign
  • Tickeboxes - access / create email notes
  • Contacts - view existing / create new
  • Notes - use existing / create new

Figure 1 - The FocalScope Mobile Client

Supported Devices:

  • Any Android phone or tablet
  • All Apple devices (iPhone and iPad)
  • Other mobile devices that use WebKit-based browsers (push notification not supported)

Push notification explained

The FocalScope Mobile Client makes full use of instantaneous push notification to help roaming staff on Android and Apple devices keep track of new emails and tickets assigned to them. When the agent receives a new email in their personal or shared folders, and when a ticket is assigned to them, push notification sends an instant alert to the Mobile Client.

Alerts appear in the notification tray of the mobile device. When the agent taps the alert, the Mobile Client downloads the corresponding email and displays it. The email / ticket can then be actioned without having to navigate through the Mobile Client's interface to the folder where the email / ticket was received.

Figure 2 - Priority tickets delivered via push notification

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