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    Using FocalScope-Twitter integration

    Driving and managing your social media campaigns for Twitter is a breeze with FocalScope-Twitter integration. This article details the basics of how you can get started reaping the benefits of social media with FocalScope-Twitter integration.

    Please note, you will need a basic familiarity with Twitter's functionality and social media in general to best utilize this article.



    Here is a list of the main things you need to know in the Twitter folder:

    1. If anyone is tweeting about you, it will show up in the [Mentions] tab
    2. If anyone sends you a direct message on Twitter, it will show in the [Messages] tab. Direct messages can only be seen between the sender and the recipient. Please note, only people following you can send you a direct message, and you can only send a direct message to people you are following
    3. All tweets made by you will be displayed under the [My tweets] tab
    4. All retweets made by you will be displayed under the [My retweets] tab
    5. A log of all twitter messages is kept under the [Twitter log] tab. This helps you evaluate your social media presence and image over time. Twitter deletes tweets after about two weeks, but in FocalScope, you will have a record of all (re)tweets you made and received
    6. If you want to post a new tweet, type #channelname (if you want to post in a channel) @recipient and press Enter to send the tweet
    7. You can hover the mouse cursor over any message to reply to it or retweet it

    Figure 1 - Twitter tools in FocalScope

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