WhiteAway chose to implement FocalScope because of its seamless live chat integration and email management features.



WhiteAway’s business relies heavily on online sales. Customers sometimes have need for more info on products or stock availability and as such need to be able to speak with someone qualified to answer their questions. WhiteAway realize that failure to address customer queries on the spot would lead to poorer sales. They tested FocalScope and other systems to see which product would offer the best solution.


The Challenge

WhiteAway needed more than just a live chat solution. They needed a system that could handle chat conversations like tickets, saving them in the system with a unique ID that can be used to look up and review conversations, at a later stage. Additionally they had outgrown the limitations of their existing email system, and required a more organized process to sort and handle the volume of incoming emails. Each email also had to be tagged with a ticket number for traceability.


How FocalScope helped

FocalScope was able to address all their unique needs, right out of the box. With minimal assistance from the FocalScopes team, they were able to get the system up-and-running in no time. Their favorite feature—Live Chat—proved to be much easier to integrate than they had expected. FocalScope generated the live chat URL code, which they simply had to place in their website to get a fully functional live chat system.


WhiteAway were particularly impressed with the following:

  • The professional assistance offered by the FocalScope team, helped them get the system installed, configured and primed for active duty in minimal time. This meant fewer disruptions during the process and saw WhiteAway quickly staff return to full productivity.
  • Implementing Live Chat feature into their website was easy, and they can customize the data fields customers have to fill in prior to starting a chat with a salesperson.
  • The system tags and logs all live chat conversations. This means any past chat conversation can be retrieved and reviewed with ease. FocalScope’s Live Chat also allows WhiteAway to email a transcript of a conversation to the customer, for the customer’s own reference.
  • FocalScope’s Email Processing Rules makes email sorting a breeze. Staff no longer waste time manually sorting and forwarding email tickets to the right people.
  • Now a whole department can tackle incoming emails/tickets, thanks to the group ticketboxes inside FocalScope. This enhances team collaboration and speeds up ticket response and resolution times.
Esben Aabenhus
WhiteAway's Customer Service Manager
"After going live with FocalScope we've seen a greater conversion rate on our website. We attribute this to having our sales people engage directly with customers using FocalScope's live chat feature."



Multibrand Online Utilities Webshop.



Denmark, Norway and Sweden.


Company Profile:

WhiteAway is one of the leading Danish online utilities store with branches in Norway and Sweden. WhiteAway aims to repeat their growing success in Denmark in the rest of Northern Europe.



  • Live Chat with customers directly from their website
  • Logged chat conversations with a ticket ID
  • Organized email/ticket support process
  • Enhanced internal collaboration with ticketboxes
  • FocalScope’s scalability support growing business

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