Understand The FocalScope Concept

Better Customer Service Software Is In FocalScope’s DNA

Introduction to FocalScope

FocalScope offer you a web-based email ticketing help desk solution with built-in live chat and call center capabilities. Enable your organization and teams to support multiple communications channels in a single software package. Collaborate across departments, use comprehensive analysis tools, SLA, IM & standard responses to do more with less effort. Easily implement pro-active live chat on your website and achieve better conversation rates.

Global Hot Keys Overview

View this video to see global hotkeys in action and how they are configured. Global hotkeys save you hundreds of clicks and seconds every day and are more than just a keyboard shortcut to perform action in FocalScope itself. Global Hotkeys operate in your Windows environment. E.g., if you want to open a new e-mail composition window, while you are using another application, you do not need to have FocalScope as the focused application.

Train New Employee Quickly with Training Mode

Training new employees to interact with your hard-won customers can be a daunting undertaking. FocalScope provides the industry’s first training mode to allow trainees to get the on-the-job experience they need, without the risk of tarnishing your professional image. Each trainee is assigned a supervisor who reviews their responses, thus ensuring customers always get professional responses. All this happens without the customer’s awareness.

Document Center Overview

Watch this video to learn how use the document center in FocalScope. The document center can be used to safely store your critical work files and documents, or as a shared repository where agents can access forms and documents that they need to send to customers. You no longer need to login to another FTP server to share your files. The document center features granular security for you to control access to content down to a single user.

Jabber Client Overview

Jabber is the central communication utility build into FocalScope to facilitate instant messaging so staff can easily collaborate on tasks and issues. This video gives you an overview of how the jabber client is used to initiate a chat between staff. You can also use jabber to open a discussion relating directly to a specific ticket. The person receiving the discussion invite will receive a link to the ticket to read it first hand, and then the conversation can commence.

Live Chat Overview

The live chat system in FocalScope allows you to create one or multiple chat groups to interact with customers. E.g., you could create a chat group called ‘Sales’, and have your sales representatives handle customer queries about your products and services, directly from your website. Similarly, you can set up a group for support to resolve queries in real-time. In recent years, live chat has become a necessity for any company serious about customer support.

Standard Response Overview

Standard Responses is one of the most useful FocalScope features. The standard response library allows agents to develop a database of common responses to questions frequently asked by customers. Business partners, and others. Standard responses can be used in live chat conversations and in auto responses, which are sent to customers whenever an email is received. Watch this video to learn how to create, manage, and use standard responses.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Overview

This video is a brief introduction and overview of FocalScopes’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) features. SLAs are increasingly becoming more popular and can be a great way for your company to improve its reputation. However, unless you stay properly manage your SLA tasks, you can soon find your customer relations waning, and even see contracts pass by unrenewed. FocalScope provides you with all the tools to manage your SLAs with haste and total control.

Configuring New User Accounts

This short video shows you how to create and configure new user accounts, and email accounts, for users to get started in FocalScope. Once users are properly set up, they are ready to make use of the time and effort saving features available in FocalScope. With FocalScope as your help desk, email, and live chat software, your staff will complete every task, respond to every email, and live chat request in a timely and professional manner.

Configuring Security Groups

This video is a brief introduction to setting up and configuring security groups in FocalScope. Security groups contain multiple users and are an essential component of the secure, permission-based information access in FocalScope. Users are assigned to one or multiple security groups. Both groups and individuals can have access and control permissions assigned to them. This ensures granular, role-based control of user permissions in FocalScope.

Configuring Shared Jabber Groups

Jabber is the central communication utility build into FocalScope to facilitate instant messaging so staff can easily collaborate on tasks and issues. This video shows how to create shared jabber groups. These groups can mirror the departments in your company, or they can be ad hoc groups used to connect users that are in physically different locations. Users can belong to one or multiple shared jabber groups, allowing for collaboration across your entire company.

Configuring Ticketboxes

View this configuration video to learn how to setup a ticketbox as well as assign email accounts and users/groups to it. Ticketboxes are like folders. They provide a way to organize and group emails and tickets. E.g., you could create a Sales ticketbox for sales related correspondence, a support ticketbox for customer support requests, and an information ticketbox for product or service information requests. Ticketboxes feature granular action and access control.

Understanding and Setting up Agent View

When an agent is out of commission, customers are forced to restart their queries (from scratch) with another agent. Agent view grants supervisors full access to other agent’s accounts. Supervisors can then assign available agents to the account of the absentee agent to maintain communication with customers. This process is completely transparent to customers and ensures your support remains accurate and fast, even when agents are out of action.

Understanding & Configuring Accelerators

FocalScope’s accelerators allow users to select data or text from within FocalScope and perform a data or information lookup through an external website, CMS software, or even other windows applications. Watch this video to get a better idea of how accelerators work and how to set them up. Accelerators will help your agents obtain information they need faster, thus improving their support capabilities, and providing higher levels of service to your customers.