Top Tours experiences a strong growth and would like a smart tool to handle email, live chat and telephony. It is important that the system can support cloud setup and integrate with the website. Within this context, it soon became clear to Top Tours that FocalScope was the perfect solution for email management, live chat and phone calls in a single software package.



High customer satisfaction and effective booking process is the success factor for Top Tours.. In a digital world where customers expect fast and reliable engagement, it is important to have the right email platform for efficient query/response handling. The system should also be capable of automatic distribution of emails to the respective sales rep and departments. Finally, it is required that the system supports prioritization and categorization of emails.


The Solution

Top Tours had gone through a detailed preliminary analysis and evaluation of various email support systems in the market. It soon became clear that FocalScope was the optimal solution for handling emails, live chat and phone calls on the same platform. It was therefore an easy decision for Top Tours to choose FocalScope over the competition.
Setting up FocalScope as well as training for Top Tours’was smooth sailing. FocalScope’s flexible customer support tools quickly became a success in the organization and now forms a key part of the IT infrastructure at Top Tours. It is also very smart the system is fully integrated to Amadeus.
The elegant sorting and automatic distribution of emails means that agent’s productivity has risen markedly since switching to FocalScope. Moreover, it is much easier for employees to answer common questions from customers by using standard response templates.
The management of Top Tours now enjoys a better overview of and deeper insight into their customer processes thanks to the powerful reporting in Microsoft Excel and via the FocalScope Dashboard. FocalScope has made life easier for the staff at Top Tours!

Martin Bisp
Founder, Top Tours.
"With FocalScope, we have seen that we can provide faster response times to our customers, have better overview of the email flow, and work side by side in more office locations."



Travel Industry.



Denmark, Thailand and Indonesia.


Company Profile:
Top Tours is a leading travel agent in Denmark with offices in Thailand and Indonesia. Top Tours offers amazing guided holidays to USA, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Australia and more destinations. Top Tours focus on high customer satisfaction as well as the best prices in the market.



  • Categorization and prioritization of emails
  • Overview of support processes through reports & dashboards
  • Automatic distribution of emails to respective employees and departments
  • Live Chat on website for better customer service
  • Built-in phone system for easy use

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