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Get Customer Satisfaction Rating In Real-time With FocalScope Survey.
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Customer Satisfaction Survey Features FocalScope
Unlimited Number of Survey Templates
Customize Templates and Include Logo
Trigger Survey From Ticket or External App
Get Instant Low Score Alerts
Get Insights with Reporting and Dashboard

Satisfaction surveys can be automatically triggered in FocalScope based on ticket closing or data feed from external source. Pick a survey template or build your own. Limit the number of survey touch points per customer using FocalScope survey frequency setting.

Act On Low Survey Score Alerts

Transform low survey score alerts into happy customers

In FocalScope we trace back the survey form to each individual ticket and agent. In the event a customer remarks negatively for any question in the survey, the low score feature will be trigged. Silently the supervisor will be alerted via email that a low score survey has been detected for a case review. To foster a proactive and preventive approach you can make the ‘manager review comment’ field mandatory. The survey scores, related tickets and manager reviews will be seamlessly available, within the FocalScope software, for reporting.

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