FocalScope Referral Agreement

By submitting your information via the referral form, you agree to the following terms and conditions: 

Referral Procedure

Each Referral shall be provided to FocalScope through the referral form. Upon receiving each referral Form, FocalScope shall contact you at the email address indicated to begin the referral qualification process.

Thereafter, FocalScope shall be responsible for all sales process, subject to your continued promotion and facilitation of the sales process.

Qualified Referrals

“Qualified Referrals” mean Referrals who complete the sign-up procedure, and:

(ii) of whom FocalScope has no record, or who are not in any contractual relations or ongoing negotiations with FocalScope;

(iii) sign up within 90 days of being referred, at the Referral’s own discretion and without receiving any incentives, at least monthly subscriptions of any of the following plans:

    • 5 agents using the Cloud Plan;
    • 5 agents using the On-Premise Plan;
    • 5 agents using the Omnichannel plan;

(iv) who are not rejected by FocalScope, and make at least one payment for FocalScope services;

(v) All Referrals will be deemed rejected if they do not become a Qualified Referral within 90 days of first being submitted.

Payout period

Upon qualification of your Referral, FocalScope will award you a one-time $150 bonus, payable within 30 days from completion of the Qualified Referral’s first billing cycle. 


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