Knowledge Base Software
For Internal And External Knowledge Base Setup. Simple To Use And Customize.
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Create Branded Customer Portals

Include FAQs And Customer Submit Forms On Your Portal

Knowledge Base Features FocalScope
Unlimited Number of Knowledge Base Portals
Customize Framework With Html and Javascript Code
Add Language Layer
Add Customized Customer Contact Forms

Select a knowledge base template in FocalScope. Modify the template to suit your branding and logo. Include your own styling and custom html codes to personalize it. Add a customer contact form with drop down lists so customer enquiries are directed to the right team in your organization.

Build Your Internal Knowledge Base

Help your team to have easy access to the right information

Create internal knowledge base portals using the FocalScope framework. Give your agents a shared platform to quickly find documentation and allow them to search and browse through the content. With a single click agents can grab the knowledge base article and insert it into the email being sent to the customer.

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