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    Live Chat For Website

    Create Live Chat Templates

     A web chat template is merely a set of HTML pages each of which contains some set of fields with predefined names. When FocalScope loads such templ...

    Generate Live Chat Links

     If you have created a Live Chat Group, you can now access Live Chat Link generated in FocalScope. This link can be inserted into a web page where y...

    Responsive Live Chat

    FocalScope provides the Live Chat feature, which is an alternative to phone and email support. It can be inserted into a website so online visitors t...

    Setup Live Chat Groups

     The Live Chat feature in FocalScope allows administrator to create "Chat Groups" and a web chat link will automatically be generated for the chat g...

    View Live Chat History

     This lesson demonstrates how administrators can view the activities and conversations which were logged from Live Chat, by using the Live Chat's [H...

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