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    Telephony cookbook

    How to parse phone numbers and reference resulting tokens in rules

    Numbering plan allows to parse phone numbers and store parsed tokens in call variables. Names of the variables holding the parsed tokens are defi...

    How to publish call log in Screen/Workspace

    ​Call log and it's subfolders can be exposed under Screen/Workspace. To enable access to Cal log and it's sub-folders in the workspace right click ...

    How to troubleshoot empty voicemail messages

    To avoid receiving empty vociemail messages with only a few seconds of silence recorded navigate to [Call setup] folder and increase duration in [Ign...

    How to troubleshoot UTC time in email notifications for phone calls

    In cases when timestamps in email notifications for calls are skewed by several hours it is, most likely, caused by incorrect or missing timezone par...

    Troubleshooting HTTP 403 "Access denied" in the PBX daemon logs

    FocalScope does not allow access to the internal PBX API from IP addresses not listed in {Alias} field of the PBX configuration. If you see the fol...

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