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    FocalScope Facebook Messenger integration

    FocalScope integrates with Facebook Messenger indirectly via third-party service Twilio.

    Create Twilio account

    Open, click on "Sign up: button, fill the required fields and complete the account creation.

    Register Facebook page in Twilio console

    Open, click on "Explore Products", scroll down till you see "Channels Beta" and click on it.

    Select "Facebook Messenger" under the "Channels" group and click on "New Messenger Sender", log into facebook with the page admin account.

    Choose the page and click on "Submit" and you page will appear in the pages list.

    Click on "Edit" and put following URLs in the fields:

    • "Webhook URL for incoming messages":
    • "Status callback URL":

    Please, remember the "Page ID" number from the "Facebook Messenger Sender Information" pane and then click on "Update Messenger Sender" button.

    Create key for the FocalScope in Twilio console

    Select Accounts → API Keys & token in the top menu

    Then Twilio will sends a verification code and you need to enter it for accessing this part of the console.

    Click on "Create API key" button on the top, give a name for the key, select the "Standard" key type and click on "Create API Key" button below

    Copy somewhere the key "SID" and "Secret" values, tick the "Got it! I have saved my API key SID and secret ..." checkbox and press the "Done" button.

    And the last thing here: switch to "General Settings" under "Manage Account" group and copy the "Account SID" value

    Link FocalScope with the Messenger for the page 

    Log into your FocalScope system as Administrator, select the last tab in the administration page, select Facebook→ Messenger (via Twilio) in the left-side tree and add the new page from the context (or top) menu

    Fill the fields with collected data from Twilio (Page Id, Account SID, Key SID and Key Secret).

    Note: Business can send a message to a user only within 24 hours window that starts from the last incoming message from this user. For messaging out of the 24h window business should receive a consent from a user (more details).

    So put the consent message and stop (denial) word here. I suggest to mention approval word in the consent message but leave it empty - so any non-stop word from a user can be treated as approval.

    And, finally, select the destination ticketbox.

    Answering on a message

    You cat reply to the messages only with plain text — select 'Reply' in the right mouse button menu and type the answer

    Note: The Facebook user name (customer) is not being displayed in FocalScope.

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