Draft - How to use click-to-dial in the FocalScope Mobile Client
Thursday, December 29, 2016 8:24 AM

The FocalScope Mobile Client allows users to call any contact they have stored in FocalScope using either the dialer on their mobile device. This article details how to call a FocalScope contact using the click-to-dial feature on the FocalScope Mobile Client.

Please note, click-to-dial only works on mobile devices that have a dialer.


Calling a contact on the FocalScope Mobile Client

  1. In the [Home] page, tap the [Contacts] button (see Figure 1)
  2. In the [Settings] page, tap the [Contacts Folder] that has the contact you wish to call (see Figure 2)
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Figure 1 - Home page

Figure 2 - Contacts page

  1. After tapping the name of the contact you wish to call, tap the [Phone List] in the contact's profile (see Figure 3)
  2. Tap the contact's number that you wish to dial (see Figure 4)
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Figure 3 - Contact's profile

Figure 4 - Contact's number(s)

  1. Tap the [Dial using device] button to have the FocalScope Mobile Client pass the contact's selected number to the device dialer (see Figure 5)
  2. Once the device dialer appears, the contact's number will already be entered therein. Place the call to the contact as you would any other call (see Figure 6)

Figure 5 - Click-to-dial option

Figure 6 - Mobile device dialer