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    Distribution list VS email account - Using valid email accounts in FocalScope

    When configuring FocalScope user and ticketbox email accounts, it is important to use valid email accounts. This article will give examples of a distribution list and a valid email account in Microsoft Exchange email servers, so FocalScope administrators can identify and use a valid email account.


    Explanation & Example

    • Figures 1 & 2 show examples of a distribution list in Exchange. A distribution list is merely an alias that contains a series of email addresses associated with it. Distribution lists are usually used for mass mailing and the alias itself does not function as an email address (it cannot be used to send or receive any emails)
    • Figure 3 shows a valid email account in Exchange. This account (and the email address associated with it) can be used to send / receive email for a personal or shared folder in FocalScope

    Figure 1 - Distribution group example 1

    Figure 2 - Distribution group example 2

    Figure 3 - Email account example

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