How to properly paste Excel (or other) tables into FocalScope emails
Monday, December 5, 2016 2:24 AM

This article details how to add a new line before and / or after an Excel table pasted into a FocalScope email.


Adding a new line before / after a table pasted into an email

  1. After creating or pasting a table into the email body, click the [MagicLine] button highlighted in blue
  2. Hover the mouse cursor at either the top or bottom of the table border; a red line will appear when the cursor is in the correct location
  3. Follow the red line and click the [New line] button (highlighted in blue). Depending on if you clicked the button above or below the table, a new line will be inserted there for you to add new content

Figure 1 - Using the MagicLine button to add a new line above / below a table