How to remind other agents (with pop-ups) about ticketing events
Thursday, December 1, 2016 2:55 PM

This article details how a manager or supervisor can set up reminders to display as popups for certain agents, whenever certain ticketing events occur. Using such targeted reminders heighten agent awareness and reduce response times.


How to use FocalScope reminders


Setting up reminders for other agents

  1. Start by setting up a FocalScope reminder
  2. After setting the reminder interval, set the reminder type to [Popup Window] (highlighted in blue)
  3. Click the drop-down button and add the [names of agents] (highlighted in red) that will receive the reminder alert(s)
  4. Click [Ok] to save the new reminder. Agents will now receive the reminder pop-up as show in Figure 2

Figure 1 - Specifying agents to be alerted by a reminder

Figure 2 - Pop-up as seen from targeted agent's perspective

Additional Information

How to use FocalScope reminders