DHL Express, the global market leader in international express and logistics, chose FocalScope to get a clear overview of its email communications.



DHL Express’ operation involves receiving and processing a high volume of email queries on a daily basis. Therefore, they required a flexible and user-friendly system with the ability to prioritize and route emails to the right agents and teams. After taking the 14-day free trial, they felt FocalScope was the right solution for them. In October 2009, DHL Express decided to switch to FocalScope.


The Challenge

DHL Express needed a system that could effectively solve their email routing needs and give them clarity on who is responsible for each ticket. They also required statistical reports to show them how tickets were being managed and what the response and resolution times were. It was imperative that the system be fast to implement and configure so as not to disrupt their busy schedule.


How FocalScope helped

Getting started with FocalScope was a breeze for DHL Express, as the FocalScope engineers masterfully handled the implementation. In only two days, DHL Express had the system operational and successfully migrated staff to the new platform.


After complete integration, FocalScope solved a number of DHL Express’ problems:

  • FocalScope automatically assigns a ticket number to all emails, while subsequent correspondence is grouped under the same reference number (threading). This gives them a full audit trail for every ticket in the system, and constant awareness of which agents are handling what tickets.
  • DHL Express support staff can now search by reference number, booking number, and invoice number for tickets and quickly assist customers who have queries. Ticket response and resolution times went down substantially, due to FocalScope’s clutter-free email management and collaboration tools that help staff work as one unit.
  • Having a flexible, and simple-to-use reporting tool made it easy to monitor and track performance across the entire team. This ensures that DHL Express maintains high customer service and customer satisfaction levels.
  • FocalScope uses POP3/SMTP to connect to DHL’s Microsoft Exchange Server thus making it perfectly compatible with their existing email server. This was important, as there was no option for DHL Express to replace their email server.
  • Integration into their website allows DHL Express to feed customer data directly into FocalScope. This enables them to gather information regarding shipping requests and location details, directly into FocalScope, without any manual effort.
  • Thanks to FocalScope’s simple and familiar interface, DHL Express had no problem moving their staff onto the new system and enjoying full productivity from their entire team.
Anders Ullerup
DHL Express' Project Manager
"The ability to prioritize and auto-distribute emails to teams and agents give us a substantially improved workflow. FocalScope looks and feels similar to Outlook, making it very user-friendly."



Transport and Logistics.





Company Profile:

DHL Express is the global leader in international couriers and connects more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. DHL Express relies on its workforce of approximately 285, 000 employees to provide efficient and reliable service to their customers.



  • Better overview of tickets and clear performance insight with analytics
  • Faster response to customers and reduced incident resolution times
  • Full audit trails and status indication for every email in the system
  • The Intuitive interface made it easy to use FocalScope—from day one
  • Website integration with information, from data fields, directly read into FocalScope

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