Team Collaboration
All Features Included In Your FocalScope Package

Shared Calendars

Plan Team and Project Activities With Calendars. FocalScope's calendar feature enables you to setup unlimited number of personal as well as shared calendars. This is great for work shift scheduling, project work and events planning. You can create recurring calendar activities that can even be used to schedule automatic ticket creation. Get calendar reminders via pop up notifications, sms or email. Calendar entries are color coded for easy distinction, and multiple calendars can be overlaid for better overview.

Save Your Files In FocalScope

Never lose a file again. FocalScope document center allows you upload, share and manage file within the application. Files and documents are safely stored on the FocalScope server to protect data and yet be conveniently accessible for your staff. Files in the document center can be attached directly within the email. For large files, agents have the opportunity to send customers a secure download link via email with reference to the selected files stored in the document center. It is easy and it is flexible.

Global Address Book

Organize your contacts in FocalScope. In addition to personal contacts, FocalScope also uses global contacts. You can easily import contacts from Microsoft Outlook or other email program using CSV file format. You can even do active sync with AD/LDAP synchronization. You can also create contact and email distribution lists. Global contacts in FocalScope ensure you always have easy access to all your contact’s information.

Create To-Do Lists

Manage and plan your projects and tasks. Organize and share your to-do lists in FocalScope. You can configure task folders and subfolders to suit your operational needs. You can set due dates and reminders for each to-do. You can assign to-dos to responsible agents. You can view progress on each to-do and even add priority. FocalScope’s to-do list makes it super easy to get work done and keeps the entire team on the same page.

Send SMS To Your Customers

Get in touch with your customers via SMS. In addition to email, live chat, social and telephony channels, FocalScope offers you communication via SMS. To enable the SMS function in FocalScope, you can select from a range of SMS gateways listed within FocalScope. It is easy to set up and takes less than five minutes to get online. You can send your SMS globally from the FocalScope application. SMS can also be used as a reply option to an email ticket. You can also send out mass SMS. Once the SMS gateway is connected in FocalScope, you can also use SMS as an option for reminders.

Automatic Email Archiving

Free up disk space and keep your emails at hand. To help reduce the workload on FocalScope servers and also free up disk space, FocalScope comes with built-in data archiving and purging feature. Data archiving let you create smart backups of your crucial business emails, and data purging keeps the workload on servers to a minimum to maintain optimal system performance for all end users. Archiving collects old emails based on you data retention policy and neatly packages them for download as archive files. You can view and search for emails in the archive files using the FocalScope Archive Viewer.

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