Denmark’s leading media house Aller Media chose FocalScope’s enhanced email management practices to support its growing customer base.



Aller Media transformed itself from being a traditional magazine publisher to a modern media house. Aller Media publishes 8 weeklies, 14 magazines and manages 31 websites. With their expansion into new avenues, they found a growing following and growing customer base. This rapid development posed a new challenge for them in maintaining excellent customer service.


The Challenge

What Aller Media needed was a system with robust email management that allows them to respond to customers quickly. Additionally they needed a system that allows for enhanced collaboration with customizable workflows. After evaluating several help desk systems, they soon found FocalScope to be the ideal solution.


How FocalScope helped

After a quick and trouble-free setup and migration process, Aller Media found FocalScope more than surpassed their expectations. Thanks to the user-friendly design and flexible workflow configurations, they were soon outperforming previous benchmarks.


Some of the things Aller Media found invaluable about FocalScope are as follows:

  • FocalScope helps Aller Media respond to customer queries faster and more consistently, improving their professional image. Aller Media staff can quick retrieve customer queries by looking up the associated tracking number. This helps them maintain excellent customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Getting new customer services staff trained and ramped up with FocalScope is a breeze because of the intuitive user interface. After the FocalScope implementation, this quick get-up-and-go design proved invaluable. Customer queries do not relent to allow agents to be trained properly, before they are expected to resolve attend to tickets.
  • To avoid any disruptions during normal operations, FocalScope updates are scheduled outside normal working hours. Thanks to the speed at which FocalScope updates are installed, Aller Media’s IT find it refreshingly easy to work with FocalScope.
  • Built-in statistics and report generation gives Aller Media management insight into agent performance, and helps them fine-tune their service to provide customers with unrivalled support.
  • Thanks to FocalScopes seamless integration with their ecosystem, there was no need to replace or reconfigure their Microsoft Exchange mail server.
  • By using FocalScope’s workflow tools, auto responders and email ticket routing, most customer issues get resolved quickly.
Britta Jørgensen
Aller Media's Customer Service Chief
"FocalScope allows us to handle emails based on multilevel priorities. We can later obtain statistics for all customer-agent interactions and review our agent performance."



Media Industry.





Company Profile:

Aller Media is the leading publisher of magazines and journals in the North. Every week in Denmark alone, more than 2-million (out of the 5-million Danish population) read a copy of one of Aller Media’s magazines.



  • Prioritization and auto-routing of incoming emails
  • Tracking of each ticket in the system thanks to ticket IDs
  • Easy-to-use reporting tools with enlightening statistics
  • Quick referencing of all tickets in the system
  • Much reduced staff training thanks to the intuitive interface

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