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Import LDAP Accounts into FocalScope

FocalScope allows you to import your user accounts from your Active Directory LDAP listing. This lesson will show you how to target an LDAP instance and select user accounts to be imported into FocalScope.

In the Administration screen, expand the [User Access Control] node, select the [Users] folder, right click anywhere in the right hand pane & select [Import from LDAP...].

Once the "LDAP Browser" page loads...

    [object]In the [Query:] field, enter the Name or IP address of the AD LDAP server.[/object]
    [object]Under the [User Name:] field, enter the name of a valid AD account on the server.[/object]
    [object]In the [Password:] field, enter the password for the AD User account name you have specified in the [User Name:] field.[/object]

Finally click the [Search] button to display the list of LDAP accounts.

The list of users on your AD LDAP server will populate the page under the heading "LDAP User List". Simply select the users you wish to import into FocalScope and click the [Import selected users] button.

You will see the accounts you selected displayed in your FocalScope users list. Note the LDAP accounts have a unique description starting with "LDAP://{server IP or Name}/{Account & Server info}".

These user accounts can now be added to the appropriate security groups. For more detail on this, please see the lesson Manage User Accounts. To link an email account from your email server to any of the accounts you imported into FocalScope, please see the lesson Manage a Personal Email Account.

There are, however, some settings or options which cannot be changed for imported LDAP accounts, because these are either not supported for LDAP accounts or the settings can only be changed on the AD server. The account properties box on the left shows a native FocalScope account (the root account) VS the imported LDAP account on the right. Note the grayed out options.

When logging into FocalScope, you need only specify the account name (without the "domain\") and the password as used on the AD server.

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