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Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to common questions about FocalScope. If your specific question is not listed here, please contact us for assistance.
1. Does FocalScope work with my existing email system?
Yes. FocalScope uses POP3/SMTP to connect to your existing email server. Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and other mail servers support POP3/SMTP.
2. Do you have special pricing for non-profit organizations?
Yes. We offer very attractive pricing to non-profit organizations. Please Contact Us for further information.
3. Ticketboxes are mentioned all over this site. What is a ticketbox exactly?
A ticketbox is a folder in FocalScope that contain one or more of your shared emails accounts. Ticketboxes are shared by multiple people in real-time.
1. Does FocalScope work with Microsoft Exchange?
Yes. FocalScope can be connected to any email server (including Microsoft Exchange) using POP3/SMTP.
2. Can we install FocalScope on our own server?
Yes. The on-premise edition of FocalScope can be installed on your own server.
3. How do I upgrade to the latest version of FocalScope?
FocalScope cloud edition is automatically updated to the latest version when it is released. For the on-premise edition, we will inform you when the latest version is released.
4. Can FocalScope be installed on Linux or Mac?
No. FocalScope can only be installed on Windows. However, Linux and Macintosh systems can be used to access FocalScope via all supported web browsers.
5. Which browsers can I use to run FocalScope?
Mozilla, Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or the FocalScope Thin Client (Windows only).
6. Does FocalScope run on MySQL or Oracle Databases?
No. FocalScope only supports Microsoft SQL Server.
7. Is FocalScope available in any languages other than English?
Yes. FocalScope is available in multiple languages.
8. What are the minimum system requirements for host FocalScope on our in-house server?
Please click here to see system requirements.

  • Virtual Server or Dedicated Server
  • CPU: Intel Quad Core (or better)
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Disk Space: Minimum 200 MB for installation
  • Disk Space: Recommended 2 GB to 50 GB for operation
  • Web Server: Internet Information Server 6 or greater
Operating System:
  • Win 2003 Service Pack 2 / Win 2008 Service Pack 2
  • Microsoft SQL 2005 / 2008 (Express, Standard, Workgroup, Enterprise)
  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher / Chrome / Safari
9. Can FocalScope be installed behind our firewall?
10. I have multiple websites from which I want to offer live chat support. Can FocalScope handle multiple websites with its live chat feature?
Yes. FocalScope can handle any number of websites you need to offer live chat support on.
1. I have a suggestion for an improvement in FocalScope, what should I do?
We welcome any feedback and suggestions for improvement from our customers. Kindly e-mail any suggestions or feedback to our support team.
2. What kind of support do you offer?
We offer email and telephonic support for general queries and live chat support for sales enquiries and more complex support cases. Please see the Contact Us page for more details.
3. In case of emergency, how do I get help?
We have a dedicated support hotline for all our paying customers. Please see the Contact Us page for more details.
4. How easy is it to use/learn FocalScope?
We strive to make FocalScope as easy to use as any regular email client. Most people who are familiar with an email client such as Microsoft Outlook are able to use FocalScope immediately for common email tasks.
5. Do you offer any on-site or online training for FocalScope?
Yes. Please contact us to arrange a FocalScope training session with our engineers, or fill in the web-meeting form here.
1. What kind of payment do you accept?
We accept all major Credit Cards, Paypal as well as Direct Deposit.
2. What is your refund policy should I feel unsatisfied with the product?
We only want you to pay for software you are 100% satisfied with. FocalScope is sold with an unlimited 14-day software money back guarantee.

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