FocalScope was designed and beta tested in collaboration
with a number of small to large companies, in various industries, to give
you the best possible email and live chat solution

Complete Freedom from the Office, without Sacrificing Oversight

Managers and field technicians often do not have the luxury of being in the office all day to monitor their email and tasks. We designed FocalScope's mobile client was for professionals on the move. You will have all the power of your desktop FocalScope in the palm of your hand, ready whenever you need it.

Give yourself and key personnel the freedom to work from anywhere without losing perspective on office matters. FocalScope's mobile client is designed for professionals on the move. It lets you send/receive emails, attach internal notes to emails, delegate tasks, access your office contacts, monitor staff's performance, and manage your schedule - all from the comfort of your mobile device.

Supported Platforms:

Apple 3GS (iPhone and iPad) Android 2.3+ (HTC & Samsung) Blackberry OS 6+ (Blackberry)


FocalScope allows you to flag folders that you wish to have available on your mobile device. This reduces synchronization times, as you select the folders and cutoff age of the messages you most need when out of the office. Synchronization also ensures you have access to office email and contacts, even in areas where you may have no signal to establish a connection with the FocalScope server.


The mobile client allows you to read and respond to emails, set ticket states, and (re)assign tickets to other agents. This functionality means you manage emails as efficiently as in the office. You can delegate tasks to people and attach comments and information directly to tickets using internal notes.


If you have ever been forced to call the office to get the contact details of a customer, then you will enjoy having all your office contacts on your phone. The mobile client will synchronize all contact details from the FocalScope server, so you are never left to call back-and-forth to find someone's contact details.


The mobile client supports the use of internal personal and shared notes. Personal notes are perfect for adding comments, information and reminders to your own emails, while Shared notes let you attach information and instructions to group emails for other staff to read. Notes are directly attached to the corresponding message for clear applicability.


When you need to stay updated on events and meetings, your office calendar becomes indispensable while you are travelling. You can see all scheduled events as they appear on the office calendar, directly on your mobile. Additionally you can remotely set up new appointments, events, and tasks to appear on the office calendar for others to see.


You can update and resolve tasks assigned to you, and remotely monitor who is taking care of what tasks back at the office. Each task has a percentage display to show you exactly how close it is to completion. You can also create new tasks and assign them to staff on an ad hoc basis, while you are out of the office.


For the utmost convenience, you can use click-to-dial to call anyone in your contacts list with a single tap on the screen. Please note: for click-to-dial to work, you need to have a Telephony system integrated with the main FocalScope server (Asterisk integration is supported out of the box).

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