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Home Businesses and Startups
$20 / month
Maximim 3 agents
Complete help desk solution
suitable for home businesses
and startups
Small and Medium Organizations
$35 / month
Per agent per month - 12 months upfront payment
$39 per agent per month - monthly payment
24/7 Customer Support
Professional customer support
system for small & medium
Enterprises & Other Organizations
$35 / month
On-premise or cloud hosting
for enterprises & other organizations

Deliver outstanding customer service - no matter the size of your business.
We simply don't want to take anything away from you, so all FocalScope plans come with exactly the same features.

If you need any help choosing the right plan for your needs, please contact us

Email Management
Expertly manage email tickets with perfect clarity and control.
Analytics & Reporting
Monitor and adjust your support processes for optimal results.
Document Center
Upload and securely share files without the need for outdated FTP servers.
Live Chat
Engage with customers and prospects and boost conversion rates.
Instant Messaging
Provide a clear and referable communication channel with internal IM.
More Features
Canned replies, ticket queues, training mode, agent view, event calendars, real-time dashboards, internal notes, telephony integration, and twitter integration.
Mobile Client
Stay on top of all office matters and delegate tasks while on the move.
Task Management & SLA
Focus on and review SLA tasks with unfailing precision using SLA/task management.

What happens to my instance and data after the trial period ends?
We will store your instance, and the data it contains, for a total of 30 days before our servers will automatically delete the trial instance. We will send you a reminder by email near the end of your trial with the options you can upgrade to. After choosing a suitable plan, you can continue using FocalScope to make your customers happy without any additional actions required.
What does the on-premise edition entail?
On premise means, you host the software on your own servers. For further details, please contact us.
What payment methods do you support?
We accept payment via bank-wire (electronic funds transfer), PayPal, cash checks, and all major credit cards.
What does the term agent constitute?
An agent is defined as an active, named user account in FocalScope through which a user can gain access to the system to perform their email and customer support duties.
How does the 14-day free trial work?
When you sign up for a plan, you automatically get a 14-day trial. Your instance will be created and ready for action within 60 seconds after signup and you will have unlimited use of the system. Anytime during the trial or afterwards you can upgrade to one of the commercial editions so that you can continue delivering powerful customer support.

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