Latest FocalScope released

The latest quarterly release is ready with more features and improvements to keep your support processes in shipshape condition:

  • New 115 System Report to help supervisors and managers measure customer wait time and ticket resolution time
  • Enhancements to System Reports 110-190, making them more refined and readable so you can see deeper into your support efforts
  • Multi-line support for Ad-hoc Ticket Categories so agents can easily add additional information during ticket categorization
  • Fully-automated time zone management for working-hours profiles to keep your remote support teams running smoothly

Please note: FocalScope Cloud customers already have the new features and improvements available. FocalScope On-Premise customers may download the latest FocalScope update.

Latest FocalScope released

Never weary, never restful, the FocaScope team has prepared another stunning release with several features customers have been asking for:

Please note: FocalScope Cloud customers already have the new features and improvements available. FocalScope On-Premise customers may download the latest FocalScope update.

Latest FocalScope released

More secure, more personal, better customer retention—that’s an adequate way to sum up the latest FocalScope release! Take a look at what Santa brought early this year for Christmas:

From this release onward, we’d like to remind all FocalScope customers to use the much superior Thick Client–if they have not already made the switch. Here are some key advantages to using the Thick Client:

  • Desktop application look and feel
  • Optimized performance & stability
  • System tray icon (with notifications)
  • Global hotkeys
  • Accelerators (user-defined macros)
  • ‘Pause’ and ‘resume’ for metered support charges
  • Automatic updates
  • Full drag & drop support

Please note: FocalScope Cloud customers already have the new features and improvements available. FocalScope On-Premise customers may download the latest FocalScope update.

Latest FocalScope released

This quarterly release has fabulous improvements for customer relations and overall support productivity! Here are the latest additions to your FocalScope toolset:

  • Real-time survey module with low score alerts to help you counsel customers with grievances before your competitors do!
  • A sleek new email formatting panel with undo / redo support to help you blast through responding to support cases!
  • Further reduce the load on your support agents with the new Action Link for customers to close their support tickets from their side!

Please note: FocalScope Cloud customers already have the new features and improvements available. FocalScope On-Premise customers may download the latest FocalScope update.

Latest FocalScope released

Working away tirelessly, the FocalScope team brings never-before-seen improvements to help you engage customers more effectively and operate your customer support processes with unmatched efficiency. Here are the new big guns for your support arsenal:

Other improvements include:

Please note: FocalScope Cloud customers already have the new features and improvements available. FocalScope On-Premise customers may download the latest FocalScope update.

Latest FocalScope released

Another jam-packed release bursting at the seams with new features and improvements! Here are the latest features to help you enhance your customer support:

  • Keep a close eye on your customer support efforts with Shared Reports with scheduled dispatch
  • Make keeping track of chats and reading Live Chat reports much clearer with Live Chat categories!
  • Develop powerful Custom HTML forms, with databindings and placeholders, for use with your web forms, questionnaires, and surveys

Other improvements include:

Please note: FocalScope Cloud customers already have the new features and improvements available. FocalScope On-Premise customers may download the latest FocalScope update.

SIXT Rent-A-Car speeds up customer service with FocalScope!

Sixt Rent-A-Car, the world’s fifth biggest rental company with an impressive 220,000 rental vehicles in over 105 countries, has rewarded FocalScope the IT project for a new email ticket and live chat management system.


Email or social media, which is better for your business?

If you find yourself amidst conflicting opinions regarding email VS social media, you may want to read our latest blog post clearing up some of the confusion with some much-needed facts.

FocalScope’s trend-setting, customizable reports get even better with the latest revision!

In our constant drive to innovate, we’ve greatly improved the usability of FocalScope’s reporting module and given it a compliment of automation and scheduling tools to help you get FocalScope data in a way that is most relevant to you.

Here are some of the things you can get excited about in the revised reporting module:

Batch reports – Set up all your favorite reports and custom templates and generate perfect reports at the click of a button.

Scheduled reports – Need that performance report ready before that all-important weekly performance evaluation? Simply schedule the report and it will be generated and emailed to you automatically before your meeting starts.

Notifications – Reports can now be delivered to one or multiple persons via email, pop up, or FocalScope alert. This saves supervisors the effort of manually attaching and emailing reports to their superiors.

Backwards compatibility – If you’ve spent the time and effort to craft the perfect custom report templates, then all your meticulous work will continue to pay off. The revised report module is backwards compatible with the templates you created for the current report module.

With all these improvements to an already solid reporting system, you can put your reporting duties on autopilot while you get on with your real work. Why don’t you take some time to learn more about FocalScope reports in our Knowledge Base?

Reduce unnecessary time spent looking for information with our two new features

The average worker spends 9 hours per week just searching for information. Like Benjamin Franklin wisely said, “Time is money”, and at FocalScope we agree that these hours should be used for more productive tasks. Here follows a brief introduction to two new FocalScope features that will ensure that you find what you are looking for when you need it.

FocalScope Search Accelerators

Sometimes when reading or replying to an email it is relevant to find out if certain pieces of information (such as the subject line, an email address, or a ticket number) have been brought up in other emails before. FocalScope Search Accelerators allow you to find specifically what you are looking for with just 2 clicks. You can now perform a system-wide single or multi-factor search based on the selected information. Lean more about how to use FocalScope Search Accelerators here.

FocalScope Quick-Filter Bar

FocalScope Quick-Filter Bar enables you to find tickets and emails based on filter groups. The filter criteria can be selected directly from FocalScope’s interface, and if you don’t recall what exact information to search for, it is also possible to perform a wildcard search. To make the process even more efficient, the results will appear in the message-list view itself. For a detailed overview of the options in FocalScope’s Quick-Filter Bar, please have a look at this article in our knowledge base.

We leave it to you to decide what to do with all those extra hours.

Strap a rocket to your incoming emails with FocalScope

While almost all email clients handle IMAP IDLE, it’s a mystery why it is not widely implemented where it is needed the most. In our view, a customer support system or an email ticketing system is the first and not the last place to implement IMAP IDLE. Hence, customer service representatives are well acquainted with the dead silence that occurs while they are on the line with a customer, waiting for the email the customer just sent to appear their inbox.

There is nothing idle about IMAP IDLE. In a nutshell, IMAP4 IDLE is a push notification protocol that ensures lightning-fast delivery of incoming emails. With the implementation of IMAP IDLE in FocalScope, users using this delivery mechanism will experience near-instantaneous delivery and notification of incoming emails. Using email retrieval protocol such as POP3 results in FocalScope checking for new emails on the email server every 2-5 minutes. With IMAP IDLE, the time for new emails to appear in FocalScope is drastically reduced to mere seconds. This is a remarkable improvement when your support team needs to keep the response times as low as possible, or when you absolutely have to get an email as quickly as possible before your next meeting starts.

This feature in now available on all hosted instances as well as to clients who are using the on premise edition.

American Express Transnational (AET) is now using FocalScope to exceed their customers’ expectations

As one of the largest travel management companies in the Philippines, AET receives thousands of travel related emails each day. Most of these emails are of time sensitive nature and require quick and accurate responses.

To meet and exceed their customers’ expectations, AET has successfully implemented FocalScope Email Management solution – which has resulted in a significant increase in employee productivity. AET is especially satisfied with FocalScope’s Service Level Agreement feature, which enables them to accurately measure individual as well as team performance.

The FocalScope team is happy to welcome AET onboard and look forward to supporting them in their commitment to delivering quality customer service.

Welcome FocalScope Mobile to your Apple device!

We want to ensure that our users always can stay on stop of their customer support. To make this even easier, you can now access your FocalScope account directly through your iPhone or iPad, as well.

Manage workflow by assigning emails, check up on SLA tasks and make sure that you always have direct access to your important business address-book on the go… And there is so much more! Get your free FocalScope Mobile for your iPhone or iPad in the App-store today.

FocalScope Mobile – now available at Google Play!

We are happy to announce that the FocalScope mobile client now is available at Google Play! Our mobile client makes sure that you can access all your important emails, contacts and tasks on the go. The powerful features are many, instant push notifications and the ability to access data even when your device is offline are just two of them.

Download the FocalScope Mobile Client at Google Play today and get the flexibility to stay on top of your customer support with real time access to FocalScope – wherever go.

Paste an image from your clipboard directly to FocalScope? Yes of course. Welcome the new feature which allows you to become even more efficient

We are no big fans of limitations. So we decided to fix one of the annoyances of web based email systems. FocalScope users can now directly copy images from their clipboard to FocalScope, just like in a desktop application. When writing an email, simply press CTRL+V and let your clipboard content magically appear. Now that’s a first in the world of web based applications! We are happy to make our user’s life a little easier.

Take a look at this video to learn more about additional features of FocalScope, which makes the impossible possible.

FocalScope featured in the national Danish newspaper Boersen

Over the last few years, FocalScope has been expanding its market presence in Denmark. Well-known companies in Denmark such as Radisson Blu, Aller Media, DHL, Bilka, and LN Eurocom now trust FocalScope to deliver superior service to their customers. The Danish national newspaper Boersen decided to pay us a visit to find out the secret behind our success and the growth of 225 % in the first quarter of 2012.

Meet us in India and learn more about how FocalScope and SugarCRM make keeping your customers happy a piece of cake

FocalScope will participate in all 3 stops of the CRM Acceleration event in India the 19th to 23rd of June. If you are around, we would be happy to catch up over chai (local for Tea) at our booth. Learn how the FocalScope-SugarCRM integration can make it even easier for you to deliver powerful customer service. SugarCRM will be there as well, so it is a great opportunity to learn more about the world’s fastest growing CRM company.

We hope to see you there!

Our customers have been craving for more FocalScope information. Get what you need in our self-help FocalScope knowledge base!

We’ll always be here to answer your FocalScope questions, but now you can get the latest information on a variety of FocalScope topics even quicker. Whether you are looking for FAQs, general problems and solutions, or how-to’s and tutorials that show you how to get the best out of FocalScope, it’s all right here – in our rapidly growing FocalScope Knowledge Base. You might want to learn more about how to use high quality standard responses to reply faster to common questions? It is only one click away.

In retrospect | Intuit TechDay Asia 2012 event

We at FocalScope would like to thank and congratulate the coordinators of TechDay Asia 2012 for a fantastic event. FocalScope attended two out of the three TechDay Asia stops: Singapore and Malaysia. We had a great time meeting people from all over the world who share our interest for effective business communication. And the food was well worth mentioning, as well. Thank you for the interest you all showed in FocalScope.

We hope to see you again at next year’s event!


FocalScope announces full integration with one of the world’s most popular CRM solutions, SugarCRM

We like making our user’s days more efficient, and it is extra exciting when we find a perfect partner to do so with! Today we are proud to introduce our most recent partnership with SugarCRM. Our team has been busy over the last couple of months putting the finishing touches on the FocalScope-SugarCRM integration. With just one look at the results, it was more than worth it.

Our users are now allowed to access all the Sugar modules and custom fields directly from FocalScope. Create new contacts or leads or look up existing ones. Archive emails and live chats, either manually or automatically, right from FocalScope to SugarCRM. Gain a greater understanding of the customer interaction with a 360-degree view and uncover hidden opportunities. Get the best from both worlds and exceed your customers’ expectations.

FocalScope continues to expand its international presence by opening a new office in the Philippines

Magandang araw, Philippines! In addition to our existing offices in the USA, UK, Denmark, and Singapore, we’d like to announce the opening of a new FocalScope office at Cebu’s most prestigious business address, Keppel building. Prompted by FocalScope’s continued growth in the South-East Asia region, the new office space will play home to additional back-office operations for FocalScope, as well as bolster the growing FocalScope market in the Philippines.


FocalScope now fully supports IMAP email accounts – and we threw in a Cookie!

We are proud to announce that you can now use IMAP-based email accounts, such as Gmail, in FocalScope. But as always, with us you get something extra: When your IMAP account has an extensive backlog of emails that you don’t need, you can specify how far back in time FocalScope should fetch emails from the account. In this way, you have total control over the amount of emails FocalScope will retrieve from your account(s). Want to know more about FocalScope’s powerful features? Take a product tour here

SingTel –Asia’s leading communications group– chooses FocalScope for its customer support department

Headquartered in Singapore, SingTel is Asia’s leading communications group with operations in more than 20 countries and territories worldwide. It is the largest listed company on the Singapore Exchange by market capitalisation and serves close to 445 million mobile customers around the world. SingTel explain their key to success as customer focus. “We listen to, and connect with our customers. By understanding and anticipating their needs, we make it easy for our customers to do business with us.”

After an extensive evaluation process, SingTel’s on-going commitment to superior customer support made FocalScope a natural choice for their Singapore operations. We are excited to support SingTel in their processes of delivering outstanding customer service!

If you didn’t know that FocalScope integrates with Asterisk, the world’s most popular IP telephony solution, then come and learn more at the Intuit TechDay Asia event

Intuit TechDay Asia is coming up soon, and at FocalScope we are excited to participate at two out of the three stops: Singapore (27 Feb 2012) and Malaysia (29 Feb 2012). Did you know that you can combine your telephonic support with FocalScope to deliver even greater customer service? We will show in a live demonstration how our integration with the worlds’ most popular IP-telephony solution, Asterisk, can create many benefits for your business. Click-and-dial and recording of incoming calls are just two of them. Do also make sure to stop by our booth to say hi and learn more about how FocalScope can revolutionize the way your business communicates.

FocalScope’s Mobile Client gets a new push with instant push notification!

If you’ve been using the FocalScope Mobile Client, you’ve probably become so used to it that you can’t do without it anymore. Don’t worry; we have too! Now you can attend to new emails and tickets even faster than before with instantaneous push notification on both Apple & Android mobile devices. Click here to learn more about our Mobile client and the flexibility it can provide you with.

The year that was, and how it ended for FocalScope

We would like to thank all our customers who helped us reach new heights with FocalScope in 2011. It was an absolute pleasure for us to serve you and help you get the best out of FocalScope and your customer service. We pledge to continue doing what made us unique in the first place in the help desk and email world: listening to the voice of our customers and make FocalScope as much about them as it is about us.

As the night and the year came to its end, a few members of the FocalScope team captured a last memory of a great 2011.

Happy New Year to you from the FocalScope team

Nothing says ‘well done’ better than good beer, good food, and good company. The FocalScope team have had an eventful 2011 and will now recharge for an even bigger 2012. We look forward to making our users and their customers satisfied in 2012, as well. Even if the Mayans prove to be wrong – the FocalScope team plans to end 2011 with a BANG!

Happy New Year!

Are you throwing away business by loosely overcharging customers? FocalScope’s Precision Billing can solve your dilemma

Who likes hearing “Well, I’ve been helping you for a little over 30 minutes, but I’ll charge you for a full hour”? This is why FocalScope now features Precision Billing. Agents can pause and resume a timer during their support interactions to ensure they bill customers accurately for chargeable support sessions. Your customers will appreciate your consideration and the fairness, and you’ll retain their loyalty… and business.

Here’s something worth tweeting about. FocalScope now features seamless Twitter integration!

How do you reconcile the popularity and simplicity of Twitter with your customer support efforts? You use FocalScope’s new Twitter integration—that’s how! FocalScope’s Twitter integration allows you to interact with your Twitter followers and broadcast company news and announcements directly from your FocalScope interface. It is as simple as sending an email. You can even capture and log all generated tweets, which helps you accurately analyse your growing social media presence and image.

Welcome our brand new, multilingual website!

We are happy to welcome you to our brand new website! The new design should help you find whatever you’re looking for even easier. Why not start by checking out our new Product Tour to get a better overview of how FocalScope can drive customer satisfaction? Or – for do’s and dont’s in the 21st century customer support, you can always drop by our blog.

It has been an exciting past with growth in international markets. To be able to communicate even better, we have also released our Danish and Korean versions of the website today. Velkommen!

Network Courier’s MD, VS Kumar, explains how FocalScope enriched his company’s customer support

Do you want to know what makes Network Courier one of Singapore’s leading logistics companies? A large part of it has to do with how they support their customers, and a large part of how they support their customers has to do with how they use FocalScope to bring refinement, precision, and perfect oversight to their support and communications processes.

They’re all yours… See all the tickets assigned to you with FocalScope’s new My Tickets folder!

Our users have been asking us for a single location where they can view all tickets assigned to them. So, we did what we’ve been doing since we started FocalScope; we listened. FocalScope now features a ‘My Tickets’ folder which gives an easy overview over all tickets that are assigned just for you.

Take this opportunity to think what you’d most like to see in FocalScope, and send us your suggestions ( Your request might make it into the next release… or one thereafter.

How does one of Denmark’s fastest growing companies manage their customer interaction? With FocalScope of course

Whiteaway – one of Scandinavia’s largest online utility stores and one of Denmark’s fastest growing companies in 2011, always put a high emphasize on user-friendliness and service to make their customers buying experience great all the way through. As an online business, responding fast to customer enquiries is essential, but also requires the right solution to handle large amounts of email traffic. WhiteAway choose FocalScope’s Email Ticketing and Live Chat features to provide real-time support to their visitors. FocalScope’s ability to scale was important for their growing customer base, and they can now be assured that the right person always handles their customers.

Learn more about how FocalScope enables WhiteAway to stay on top of their real-time support activities in this latest customer case study.

In retrospect | Developers’ retreat – Bintan

The FocalScope development team had a fantastic island getaway this past weekend. Everyone is sporting a tan and still talking about all the fun they had. You name it; we did it: skeet shooting, quad biking, jet skiing, late-night BBQs, hiking, biking, surfing, swimming, and, of course, eating copious quantities of fine seafood.


Surf, sun, beaches, and seafood – the FocalScope development team will be kicking back on Bintan Island this weekend

This coming weekend the FocalScope development team will be going for a little island get-away! After we have had some sun, seafood and sand between our toes, we’ll be right back on track with extra inspiration to make FocalScope even better and even more about YOU!

Precision data archiving is now possible in the latest FocalScope release

You can now archive tickets en masse based on their state / age using FocalScope’s new Data Archiving feature. Data can be archived to a hot site (readily accessible) or a cold site (for long-term storage). This flexibility helps you manage database growth, data archiving, and the ease with which archived data can be accessed from a live FocalScope environment.

Another landmark feature added to the FocalScope Mobile Client

We keep on innovating to make you happy, and to make your customers even happier! Now you can access all your notes, create new ones and assign them – even before your reach the office, with our mobile client. Please welcome internal notes onto your smartphone.

Click here to learn more about our Mobile client

With Accelerators you can now accomplish more in less time

Today we released a new feature in FocalScope called Accelerators. Now you have the ability to mark any text in an email and lookup it up in external applications, such as URLs, executables, etcetera.

Take a look at this video to see how you can accomplish more with Accelerators in less time

Quickly perform repetitive tasks you would normally have to do yourself when using other ticketing software and save lots of time and effort. Click here to learn more about this exciting and timesaving FocalScope feature.

FocalScope’s new Mobile Client is now also available for Android devices!

After announcing our new FocalScope Mobile Client for Apple devices just a few weeks ago, our Android version has officially been released today. Now you can take your emails, tickets, SLA tasks, and office contacts with you wherever you go. Both the Apple and Android flavors of the Mobile Client feature the same look and functionality, so you can switch between devices without it affecting how you work.

Click here to learn more about our Mobile client

Read, but don’t reply. Reply, but don’t delete. FocalScope now sports Granular Security Controls to regulate user access and user actions

FocalScope now allows you to control not only which folders users may access, but also what actions they may perform within those folders. Let agents answer emails but not change ownership, or you can have agents read and respond to emails but not delete them. Use this new power wisely!

Sync FocalScope with Active Directory or LDAP user accounts and address books

One of the more cumbersome aspects of implementing a help desk system for the customer support division in any organization involves migrating users and address book. FocalScope takes the effort out of this process with its Active directory / LDAP integration. You can now synchronize user accounts and address books from your Active Directory server to FocalScope in a few simple clicks. Implement Single Sign On (SSO) and retain complete control over who has access to FocalScope from a familiar interface. We made sure that you do not need help implementing a new help desk system!

There have been rumors about a FREE FocalScope Mobile Client being released soon. We would like to officially confirm these rumors

After months in development and intensive testing, FocalScope now has its very own Mobile Client for Apple mobile devices (iPhone & iPad). Now you no longer need to be at the office to monitor your emails, assign tasks to colleagues, access your contacts, or monitor your SLA-dependent tickets. You can do all of that from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad while you’re out on lunch or travelling the world on business. And yes, the other rumors are true, as well. There is also an Android version of the Mobile Client that will be released later this month!

With 16 retail chains, an online shop and a large customer base, the Danish hypermarket chain Bilka relies on FocalScope to deliver customer value

Bilka, a Danish hypermarket chain with more than 40 years of operational experience, has during the previous decades been expanding their market share in Denmark. With more than 100.000 products for sale, an online web shop and a large customer base, Bilka had the need for centralized and simple support processes. In this customer case study Hanne Køppen, Bilka’s Customer Support Manager, explains how FocalScope powerful features have provided them with the right email management tools. The ability to handle large amounts of emails and aswer common questions with one click using FocalScope standard responses has reduce Bilka’s response time and contributed to consistent and professional replies.

100% customer satisfaction rating. Is it possible? Radisson Blu pulled it off. Find out part of their secret in this customer case study

Radisson Blu can claim to have had what few companies ever will have: a 100% customer satisfaction rating. Excellent service, prompt communication, and outstanding customer support were paramount in achieving this landmark rating. Join us as we take a deeper look at what part FocalScope plays in Radisson Blu’s customer support efforts in our latest customer case study.

FocalScope has the first web-based interface that fully supports drag and drop!

FocalScope now combines desktop application performance with web interface convenience with its brand new Thin Client. Unlike other web interfaces that are slow, clunky, and don’t support drag and drop operations or hotkeys, FocalScope features a sleek, responsive, and authentic web interface that allows you to drag and drop attachments to / from FocalScope as well as use hotkeys for commonly repeated actions. Why not sign up for a FocalScope trial instance and try this out for yourself?

Aller Media is in the spotlight today, as we look closer at how they use FocalScope for their operations

With 14 magazines and 31 websites, Aller Media is no stranger to tidal waves of enquiries and emails being sent to them on a daily basis. To help them sort, prioritize, and keep track of critical emails, Aller Media chose to deploy FocalScope because of its email and ticket management features, SLAs, ticket categories, and more. Take a look at the detailed Aller Media case study we recently did.

Get a FREE robot assistant when you sign up for the most advanced email management system: FocalScope

It does not rest, and it does not ask for a raise; its FocalScope’s new Ticket Queue robot, and it’s bundled with every FocalScope license! But why do you need a robot? Your company’s average response & resolution times suffer when tickets simply lie about in a folder without an attending agent. FocalScope’s new Ticket Queue feature will automatically assign tickets to your agents, meaning questions are answered quicker, and problems resolved sooner—helping your customer support stand out from the crowd.

Find out how and why DHL, the world leader in the logistics industry, use FocalScope for their operations

DHL is the world leader in the logistics industry and successfully delivers millions of packages per year. With approximately 285,000 employees, DHL connects more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. DHL receive a high volume of emails every day and therefore had a need for a user-friendly, yet flexible solution, to help them prioritize and distribute their work load. FocalScope was developed in collaboration with DHL Express Denmark to help them address some of their most persistent customer support needs. Based on direct feedback from DHL Express Denmark’s Project Manager Anders Ullerup, we have completed a full case study.

FocalScope to show off its integration with Asterisk, the world’s most popular IP telephony solution, at CommunicAsia 2010

FocalScope will be demonstrating its seamless integration with Asterisk all three days of the CommunicAsia 2010 event, which is to be held from the 15th – 18th June at the Singapore Expo. Drop by our booth and let one of our product experts give you a compelling explanation and demonstration as to why you need FocalScope if your current IP Telephony backbone runs on Asterisk.