Leverage your website and email as an even more interactive resource to your customers and end-users with FocalScope’s Live Chat.  Live Chat functionality allows you to extend full instant messaging to customers through buttons on your website and/or through links inserted into emails. This feature comes as standard and your customers need only a web-browser to utilize it. And since Live Chat is fully integrated within FocalScope ecosystem, all chats are logged and searchable at any time.

For example, if your customer cannot find the help they need on your website, they simply click on a “Live Chat” button or tab that you can place anywhere on your website.  This opens a window and starts a live online chat with an assigned or available helpdesk agent.  Additionally, a helpdesk agent can insert a Live Chat link into an already ticketed email and encourage a customer to chat in real-time through Live Chat. Inserting the Live Chat link into an email is simply a click away.  When/if the customer does chose to Live Chat with a helpdesk agent, the link contains “smart” features which will direct the Live Chat to the correct helpdesk agent and present him/her with all background information.